Dukan Diet, Day 0

Hello World!

So, the time has officially come, I’ve reached threshold.  Like many out there, I’ve tried a lot of different ways to lose weight, but somehow nothing seems to work, or when something does, I always end up bouncing back to where I started, and then some.

But with all the buzz (both positive and negative) around the Dukan Diet, I’ve decided to try it out for myself.  I went out today and bought a kilogram of oatbran, and am about to go shopping with my better half, J, for lots of meat – MEAT!! Good thing I like meat so much.

Also on the list is eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, and… well, that’s it, for the attack phase, at least.

A quick Cliff’s Notes for those who haven’t come across this diet before – the diet is made up of four phases – Attack (protein only), Cruise (protein + veggies), Consolidation ( protein plus veggies, but less strict) and Stabilization (one pure protein day per week).  What makes it different is that, unlike most low-carb diets, this one attempts to re-introduce carbs back into the diet gradually in latter phases, so that you can start eating like a “normal” human again, without all the weigh piled back on.  According to the calculations given in the Dukan Diet book (yes, I bought a BOOK about a diet!!) each phase lasts as follows:

Phase Duration Description Goal Weight loss
Attack 5 Days Five days of pure protein, to shock your body into action.  No carbs whatsoever, and pretty much no fat either. 2.2 kg
Cruise 269 Days Alternating days of pure protein and days of protein plus vege.  Still no carbs in this stage. 36.2 kg
Consolidation 384 Days Begin to add some carbs into the diet, once the goal weight is achieved. None
Stabilisation Forever! Mix of protein, carbs and veggies, but keep on day of “pure protein” per week. None

So, here’s the Dukan’s vision of how my diet should work:


Yeah, yeah, I know. Not to scale.  I’ll be doing my own little Excel spreadsheet as the diet continues, to try to keep myself motivated, and I’ll share it with you all.  Even if I just post the bare bones each day, ie current weight, food intake etc, that’ll do me.  I’ll attempt some recipes, and report back if I can…

Until tomorrow.

PS: Kicked the action in this evening in preparation for tomorrow – cooked a week’s worth of Oatbran Pancakes, roasted a chicken (and shredded it, saving the meat but discarding the skin), and dry-fried one leftover chicken breast from dinner. There’ll be plenty of chicken meat to go around this week.  J even approved of the pancakes…

PPS: Dinner tonight with J – one Last Supper of carbs, yummy fajitas with all the trimmings of guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese.  No more of that for me for a while!!

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