Attack Phase – Day 1

Morning weigh-in: 112.3kg <– this is my official starting weight, against which my progress will be measured.

Water check: 2 litres, including the three cups of tea.

Breakfast: delayed somewhat by jetlag-induced sleep-in, followed by unexpected staff meeting first thing at work but, I had:

  • An oatbran pancake (first of the batch – I need to work on flavouring them so that they don’t taste so bland. Salmon Pattie is on the menu for trying, as soon as I can get hold of some smoked salmon flakes.  I’ll also try out making smaller pancakes next time, for easier flipping.
  • Cottage cheese on the pancake
  • Some roast chicken
  • 2 cups of tea with semi skimmed milk

Mid morning snack

  • Sugar-free orange jelly


  • Chicken, chicken & chicken
  • A litre of water

Afternoon snack

  • More chicken (feeling pretty hungry by this stage)
  • Cup of tea with semi skimmed milk


  • 1 scrambled egg
  • Roast chicken bits (maybe 100g)
  • 80g cottage cheese

First PP (Pure Protein) day is in some ways easier, and in some ways harder than I was expecting. The food today has been pretty bland really, but I suspect that’s more because I’ve not put too much thought into spices yet – I’ve been too focussed on getting the basics right. I’m also, as at 12.47pm, feeling a bit peckish, despite munching on chicken breast all day, and chugging down the water.  What’s with that?

Despite all this, I’m really not in the mood for any of the yummy food/biccies in the kitchen at work. Perhaps it’s been this month-long build up to |starting the Dukan Diet, or perhaps it’s the meat in my belly, but I really have no desire for any of it.

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