Attack Phase – Day 2

Morning weigh-in: 110.7 kg

  • Daily loss : 1.6kg / 3.2lbs
  • Total loss: 1.6kg / 3.2lbs

Water Check: 2.3l as at 3pm


  • Oatbran Galette
  • Microwaved egg w salt & pepper
  • 70g cooked ham slices
  • Cup of milky tea

Morning snack

  • Leftover Roast Chicken


  • Leftover RoastChicken
  • 80g Cottage cheese w salt & pepper
  • BBQ chicken from the Co-op – probably too high in sugar, therefore carbs.  Not getting that stuff again.

Afternoon snack

  • 70g honey cured ham slices – prefer the cooked ham, personally, rather than the honey cured.


  • Simon’s Turkey Burger – this was such a hit, I went straight back to the coop and bought another 5 packets of turkey mince – I froze two, and cooked the rest into these delicious turkey burgers, making a total of 8.
  • 1 microwaved egg w salt & pepper

Had so much more energy walking in today! I measure my energy by how easily I can walk in time to the beats of one particular energetic song, and this morning, it was pretty easy.  Don’t know whether it’s just me being less jetlagged following our trip to the States, but I’m calling that a win.  Plus, a 1.6kg weight loss overnight? That’s most definitely a win too! 🙂

I think the benefit of this diet is not making me think about all the things I can’t eat, rather it’s making me focus on all the things I’m ALLOWED to eat – hence it’s in the category of “All You CAN Eat” like that Daily News article said. Kinda like that Robin Hobb quote – to avoid cracking under interrogation, focus on what you ARE going to say, rather than what you’re NOT.

There’s a whole stack of chocolate in our office kitchen right now that I brought back from the States, and I have NO desire to munch – h0w great is that!?

The turkey burgers were another great find (thanks to Simon and his blog) – I think I’ll be trotting them out a bit more – even J appreciated them!

One thing I did notice today in the afternoon was a lot of light headedness – I suspect this might be from a lack of food today – my calorie count was down until the evening hit.

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