Attack Phase – Day 6

Morning weigh in: 108.3kg

  • Daily loss : 0.6kg / 1.32lbs
  • Total loss: 4.0kg / 8.8lbs

Watercheck – .3l by 12.38


  • 150 ml yoghurt with Canderel
  • 2 microwaved eggs
  • Oatbran porridge with skim milk
  • Milky coffee with Canderel


  • Couple of bits of ham – I wasn’t very hungry

Afternoon Snack

  • Cup of Milky Tea


  • 3 mini burger patties (squeezed all fat out on the George)
  • 200ml yoghurt with Candarel

I’ve been totally not hungry today, but with a big breakfast, why would I be? We had friends over for dinner, and I cooked a large batch of the burger patties – their burgers looked SOO good! But I was good, only had the meat, and some yoghurt.  I suspect I may have had too much yoghurt today, will see how the scales react tomorrow.

I also didn’t manage my 20 minute walk today, though I did spend all day running around the house cleaning things up for our guests.  So very nice to have a clean house! 🙂

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