Attack Phase – Day 7 (last day of Attack)

Morning weigh in: 108.9kg

  • Daily loss : -0.6kg / -1.32lbs
  • Total loss: 3.4kg / 7.5lbs

Watercheck – 1.5l by 12.48


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 1 mini burger pattie
  • 1/2 turkey breast steak
  • 2 eggs, 1 yolk (that sounds really dirty!!) (I’d aimed for one egg, but then the yolk exploded so there was only white left, then I added another yolk)
  • 1 mug milky coffee with Candarel

Morning Snack

  • Nuffin


  • 1/2 turkey breast steak
  • 2 mini burger patties
  • 100ml lowfat yoghurt
  • sugar free jelly (not a fan anymore, I think I’ll remove that one from my menu)


  • Turkey breast omelette with two eggs, 1 yolk and a TEENSY bit of Parmesan cheese, more as seasoning (actually, I mangled it so it ended up being more like turkey scrambled eggs)

Well, today is the first rebound on this diet so far.  I’m not complaining though, I’m still much lower than I have been in the past.  I didn’t go for my walk yesterday, which didn’t help, I think. I’m determined to get the walk in tonight after the session at the Hebrides bar (and totally looking forward to the session too) and perhaps I can get down to where I was yesterday.

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  1. Hi, my wife and I are a wee bit ahead of you. My last day of the attack phase was pretty awful; I was really fatigued (not tired as in sleepy), I park away from the office and walk in and climb the five flights. The first day of the second phase was the same hard slog until I went to McDonald’s for lunch — I ordered the warm grilled chicken salad, no bacon, and I skipped the dressings in favour of home made Dukan vinaigrette. It was delicious, and I seriously felt the benefits of the tomatoes and lettuce — wonderful. Energy flooded back into me as I sipped on a black coffee. I walked back with my head held high and a spring in my step! What a difference, and so quick to take effect.

    I feel that as I alternate days, I feel sluggish on attack days and uplifted on cruise days, and I am getting used to it.

    We go to supermarkets and get hot freshly roasted whole chickens from the deli, we use things like jalapeños, mustard, silverskin pickled onions, beetroot and gherkins to make more of a meal of things. Bolognese sauce and chili con carne (just carne – no chili) on cruise days, lots of curry on attack days.

    Other wonderful things — Weightwatchers’ Turkey Bacon, peppered roast beef, venison burgers (yum), pastrami, omelettes, poached eggs on galette, special soup, and loads of Vanilla fat free yoghurt (onken) and Diet Coke.

    The Cruise phase slowed my weight loss; I’d lost 6kg over 7 days, and 14 days on, I’ve only lost 2kg or so.

    I reckon that I am not eating enough meat because I stuffed myself with a whole chicken on Saturday, and lost more than usual. Every time I feel really full or whenever I reckon I have been snacking a lot or having too much Diet Coke or Yoghurt or something, I get a nice surprise on the scales next day.

    It’s actually pretty easy to keep to this diet, and you can always make a wee mistake as it has a lot of inbuilt forgiveness. Hope you do really well!


  2. Posted by JO on June 15, 2010 at 1:17 pm



    • @JO…
      I guess everyone’s different because for us, it is far better to use kilogrammes as it doesn’t carry emotional or psychological baggage, past dieting goals, and bad associations. The kg is dead simple — straight numbers and no other meaning, just numbers.

      I was 68kg to 69 kg for most of my twenties, I went on my first ever diet on the run up to my wedding because I was 82kg — and I made it in 3 months down 10kg to say “I do” weighing 72kg. My wife also lost 10kg. 10kg in 100 days is 1kg every 10 days — which is 0.1kg every day — which is actually not drastic.

      However, we put on weight again. They say you put on weight in your mid-40s, when you get married and when you stop smoking. I had all three. My wife had two kids. I went from 72kg back to 82kg and then on up to 95.5kg. We each put on 20kg — the combined weight of our two children at one point was 20kg — hence the Dukan. [Note, my 5-year-old daughter weights about 19kg right now), when I lift her up, I really understand what I have to lose.

      My goal is to get from 95.5kg to about 80kg — 15.5kg to lose — and that will take until March 2011 to consolidate, so it’s not a quick fix.

      We also weigh ourselves every morning, because when we dieted for the wedding we did it to keep focussed using a spreadsheet with graphs. We found that, instead of getting disheartened when weight went up or stayed level, it made us behave better, and be more determined for the next day — we nipped problems in the bud, rather than wait a week to discover a problem. It helps to have error bars on your charts.

      Doing this was fascinating, because, from this graph and spreadsheet I found that my weight always peaked Monday nights regardless of what I ate or drank, and was at its lowest each week on Thursday mornings. In between, anything could happen. My wife discovered that her highs and lows were just as regular as me, but on different days.

      So if we went to a weekly slimming club, say on a Monday night would have made me cry. I know that the most honest weekly weigh in would be Thursday morning. Everyone is different, but the trends underlying things are the same.

      Hope some of this makes sense and is encouraging or helpful or has given you some ideas!
      Good Luck!


  3. Hey JO,

    I have a LOOONG way to go – I started with about 82lbs to lose, but now I’m down to 73lbs or so to go.

    Thanks for the encouraging words around Cruise. I’m still at a bit of a loss as to how to do the transition, after so much meat for what feels like far longer than a week! I’m going to look at vege tonight to see what tickles my fancy.

    Dave – thankyou very much for the encouragement and advice! I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog for other pearls of wisdom. I hear you on the whole Nando’s thing – their service can be a little slow, but ultimately I think that their food is worth it – I’m a big fan (was a big fan before I forbade myself carbs) of their chicken pitas – yum! 😉



    • @Charlotte…
      You are very welcome! (Although we tend not to blog about Dukan like you do)!
      PS — eat more meat, you will actually lose more!


  4. Hello, i’m going to start the Dukan diet in a couple of days. I started reading your blog today and I LOVE IT! You’re very inspiring and i can’t wait to start this … i’ll probably also start a blog about this journey.
    I am preparing a shopping list with the food that i’ll need in the first phase. I just have a question please, it’s allowed to have Oatbran Porridge? and do you make it yourself? how?
    Thanks again for this blog! I’ll also check out the other blog you’ve listed.


    • Hi Julie!

      I’m so glad that my wee blog was useful to you – it really is a fantastic method.

      You are absolutely allowed to have oatbran porridge. I make mine myself, but in three-or-four-day batches (depending on whether I was on attack or cruise) so that I don’t have to keep making it every morning – it makes things much easier for work.

      Here’s what I use – if you’re in Cruise, divide this mix into three containers. If you’re in Attack (where you can only have 1.5tbsp of oatbran per day) then divide it into four containers:

      6tbsp oatbran
      450ml milk
      pinch of salt

      Combine the oatbran, milk and salt in a saucepan, bring to the boil while stirring constantly. Once it’s boiling, turn down the heat and simmer for maybe another 3-4 minutes. Add sweetener to taste.

      DONE! 🙂

      In terms of shopping list – you’ll probably find yourself eating a lot of bland food initially, and you’ll get bored quickly. There is, however, a whole RAFT of valuable Dukan resources out there – take a look at the other links from my blog, and the links from other people’s blogs too! You’ll soon find a whole stack of incredibly useful recipes. I’ve started gathering all my faves in my own Google docs folder.

      While you’re shopping for food, make sure you pick yourself up some tupperware containers, if you don’t have some already. I recommend lots of shapes and sizes – I have ones which are about 180ml which fit my porridge perfectly, and others which are more in the league of 500ml and 1l for other stuff like chicken bits that I’ve skewered and cooked under the grill – yum!

      Keep in touch – I’ll be checking in on your blog to see how you’re going! Also, make sure you stop into the Dukan Diet forum that’s linked to from my blog – I’ve found the people on the forum to be incredibly inspiring, and extremely helpful, especially when I was starting out myself.

      Charlotte x


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