First Day of Cruise!

Morning weigh in: 107.9kg

  • Daily loss : 0.4kg / 0.88lbs
  • Total loss: 4.4kg / 9.68lbs

Watercheck – 1.6l by 17.00


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 100gm yoghurt with canderel
  • Milky coffee with sweetener

Morning Snack

  • 4 sticks celery
  • 1 mug of milky tea
  • some roast chicken bits


  • 70g wafer thin cooked ham
  • 3 sticks celery
  • 2x Chicken/vege wrap, consisting of: leftover roast chicken, capsicum, red onion, tomato all wrapped in a leaf of romaine lettuce.

Afternoon Snack

  • 150ml yoghurt


  • chicken & vegetable kebabs cooked under the grill, with a bit of fajita mix sprinkled on – yum yum YUM!!

So today is the first official day of Cruise Phase for me. After a false start yesterday which resulted in extending Attack by one day, I’m now prepared for Cruise – lots of cooking vege in the fridge, and lots of munching vege in my lunch box.

I’m pretty happy with the result this morning on the scales! I’ve been struggling to break through that barrier for nearly 2 years now, and now after just over a week, I break through it with ease!

I’m becoming more and more convinced every day that this diet is about three things – preparation, preparation & preparation.  As soon as my first post-holiday pay-day rolls around, I’m investing in a new set of (water tight) tupperware containers, ranging from 1oo ml through to 2 litres – and two day’s worth.  These days, I think I should start to be called Tupperware Woman…

*later in the day* – had a really rough trip to the supermarket today.  I went past the pastries aisle, caught sight of my pastry weakness – a raisin bun.  Somehow they were easier to resist on attack days when I was fully focussed on that little corner at the back of the supermarket where the meats are.  On a Cruise day, I have to think about what’s in the veggie aisle too, and that takes me right past the pastries, plus, my mind is less focussed on just one kind of food.  I’m sure this will ease once I’ve settled into a PV-PP cycle, but I actually got a little emotional about it, and found myself getting irrationally irritated at the world.  A most odd reaction!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello,
    I’ve just started reading your Dukan blog from the beginning to inspire me for my attempt at the Dukan diet (1 week in – blog at doingthedukan. It might sound crazy or mean but hearing about your “melt down” over a pastry, yesterday I lost it because one of the kids I look after scratched my frying pan, fortunately not in front of the kid! It’s so great to read someone else’s story and to see how far you’ve got, congratulations. Kathie.


  2. Hi Kathie!

    Thanks for the lovely comments – yes, there are most definite emotional highs and lows on Dukan. Looks like you’ve been reading the blog from the start, by the looks of all the comments – you’ll see many more emotional highs and lows to come!

    The latest blog entry (Day 162) is a particularly downer one, sorry about that. There are more upbeat ones coming up, I feel like maybe I’ve turned a corner… 🙂

    I’ll add you to my blog roll so I can keep up with how you’re going – people like you, at the start of their journey, help me to keep going – all that fresh determination is totally inspiring to me!


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