Cruise Day 6 – PP

Morning weigh in: 108.1kg

  • Daily loss : 0.6kg / 1.32lbs
  • Total loss: 4.2kg / 9.24lbs

Watercheck – .9l as at 1pm


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 1 microwaved egg
  • 1 cup of tea


  • 2x roast salmon fillets (perhaps a little fatty, but is it bad that I washed it all down with an Alli pill?)


  • TBC

Sorry for the absence over the past couple of days – I’ve been in a bit of a funk around my injured knee.  Can’t walk, which means I can’t get my solid 30 mins of exercise in, can’t get anywhere fast, weight’s not coming off, blah blah blah. I bounced back up to 109.1 over the course of the weekend, before drifting back down again.

Been feeling sorry for myself all round, it’s a bit pathetic really. But the knee is on the improve – I still can’t bend it, but I can at least hobble around a bit quicker, and the weight’s starting to come off again.  I’m telling myself that the extra weight was water retention from the swelling around my knee, and had nothing to do with the Chinese that my friend brought over to console me (but I didn’t have rice!!) nor the rum & (diet) cokes I had that evening either.

Yep.  Uh-huh.

Today and tomorrow will mark my first away-from-home challenge – I’m going down to London this evening for training tomorrow.  Out for dinner with a friend tonight, and lunch will be in the London staff canteen tomorrow.  At least it’s a Cruise day tomorrow so I don’t have to look like a tosser, turning down all vege that’s put in front of me…

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  1. Posted by JO on June 21, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    shame about ur injury – i hope you are on the mend. listen, dont beat urself up about not being able to exercise – i am on week 7 and since starting the diet i have done very little exercise. there have been weeks when i have done nothing at all, then days interspersed with a walk, or a cycle, or a blast on my x trainer – but im not a committed exerciser! i have still had a steady 2lbs per week loss. wot u mustnt do is get into the wrong frame of mind – ie., “heck, my leg’s inured i cant exercise therefore the diet takes a back seat”. Plough on regardless – u will soon get back to exercise, but in the meantime, u can still lose weight without it. go girl – njoy ur trip London and take care……


  2. Hello again, just dropping by to see how you are getting along. I know a couple of people who are dithering about doing the Dukan,and even though my wife and I are doing well on it, I believe they would take your experiences more seriously than ours.

    I was surprised about the diet pill – Here’s a link to — it says that allí comes last! Apidexin came first (never heard of it).

    In 44 days I have lost 10.5kg, and my wife has lost 9.2kg (that’s 0.2kg/day avg). We have never eaten or drunk so much in our lives! We like the Dukan because there’s no demand to binge exercise.

    We carefully chose this slimming diet because it had no urine PH testing strips, no vitamin pills, no liquid meal replacements, no slimming pills, no gym membership, and no special products in the supermarket.

    Our thinking is that when the target weight has been reached, we can maintain that weight. We don’t really want to belong to a gym for the rest of our lives, and we do not want to pretend or have good intentions that we won’t actually keep. I can take stairs instead of elevators, and I park away from the office and walk a mile to work. That’s all. And I do it slowly, at a stroll. The fear is that injury (more likely with all the weight being carried by joints etc) would mean NO exercise at all!

    Hope your knee gets better, but please relax about the diet a wee bit — things like rubbish diet pills and 70 minute bike rides will be self-defeating!


  3. Hi Dave,

    Interesting results from the Top Diet Pills website. Funny you should mention it, actually. I work for an organisation that represents the interests of pharmacists in the UK (ie no corporate ties to pharmaceutical manufacturers) and one of my colleagues in the science and research department is currently doing a study on diet pills, compiling all the research that’s been done, and coming up with a similar kind of league table. The girls in my office have been following his research with interest (diet seems to be all we talk about these days, and the guy in Science and Research just sits in the corner and laughs at us, in the nicest possible way.)

    Anyway, the conclusions which are starting to come out from his research indicate that Alli is the most proven of all the diet pills, that it has actually been tested under rigorous circumstances. It doesn’t promise swift results, but then again, neither does Dukan. (also, having said that, he doesn’t recommend I take it every meal. As a medical professional, he’s not even sold on the whole Dukan thing)

    My approach is “every little helps.” A bit of Alli at meals where I can’t guarantee the fat content is low enough for my liking essentially helps reduce the fat content of any meal. A bit of cycling coupled with a daily walk helps burn calories.

    Believe it or not, I LOVE to cycle! I love the feel of the wind in my hair, and the speed, watching the walkers go by, thinking to myself, “I’m going SO much faster than you sukkaaas.” People have asked me if my injury has put me off cycling, and the answer is NO! I can’t wait for my knee to be able to bend enough to be able to pump the pedals again! I’m burning valuable mid-summer prime cycling days with this gimp knee! 😉

    My goal is eventually to be able to cycle from Edinburgh to Glasgow along the Canal path – that’s a good day-long ride, but I’ve always wanted to do it!


  4. Hello again. Just checking around the Dukan sites to see how we’re all doing, and I tell you what: we all seem to be doing really well on this diet. So far no big failures, and that’s really encouraging, don’t you think.

    It can be tough at times, and we all have relapses (we were on vacation recently, and a few off-diet excursions took place), ach, we’ll live.

    You sound like one day you will bike Edinburgh to Glasgow, I hope so — maybe we’ll sponsor you for some good cause.

    I also like a bike, but not car drivers, bike lanes or pavements and pedestrians. I wish we were more relaxed to bicycles here — why can’t we be like the Swedes or Dutch? We’re all helmets and mountain bikes! I see myself more as an elderly vicar weaving his way slowly along between the potholes. LOL.

    Well, here’s to you getting into double figures… ciao!


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