Cruise Day 8 – PP

Morning weigh in: 108.7kg

  • Total loss: 3.6kg / 7.92lbs

Watercheck – 1.3l as at 3pm


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2 microwaved eggs
  • 1 cup of tea


  • 2x pre-cooked chicken breast fillets from Tesco. (They came with the skin on, but I carefully removed the skin and scraped off any remaining fat)
  • 5 small pieces of Beef Jerky
  • 1/2 package bbq chicken slices from Tesco.  Just as bad as the coop ones.  Veto for next time!

Afternoon Snack

  • 150 ml fat free natural yoghurt with candarel


  • Thinking about beef burger patties, and having some left over for lettuce wraps for my PV day tomorrow.

London was not the most successful at maintaining the diet – travelling makes it hard to keep on the oatbran porridge, and on a 28 degree day, who can resist a pint or two of ice cold Magners? Not me!

Anyway, I managed a relatively good PV day yesterday – the staff canteen had a mouthwatering array of roast potatoes, hot chips and pasta, but I resisted them all and had chicken with ratatouille.  Perhaps a tad fatty, though by the time I got to Gatwick airport I was ravenous, and the “healthiest” thing I could find was a Pret sandwich.  It is bloody hard to find good takeaway Dukan food in aiports.  Even the low fat yoghurt has fructose in it along with the sweeteners.  See, that annoys me.  If you’re going to put artificial sweetener in a product, why would you put fructose in the mix as well? If someone cares enough to cut out carbs, they’re not going to want to just go half-way.  Grr.

Not to worry.  A excellent PP day so far today, though exercise will be limited cause of this gimp knee.  Seeing a doctor about it today, we’ll see what he says.

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  1. Hi there Charlotte. Don’t fret — my spreadsheet shows weight up one day, then down the next. It is a pattern directly to do with the alternating nature of the PP/PV cruise phase.

    Here’s typical menus…

    Breakfast: A galette topped with pan poached eggs (or sometimes scrambled eggs). Tomato slices, and sometimes a rasher or two of fake-bacon.

    At work: a black filter coffee then half a share-size Diet Coke (the only diet drink with 1c cal) over the morning.

    Lunch: MacDonald’s chicken salad or get a big plate – put on a good handful of salad (pre-prepared by Tesco/Sainsbury’s etc), gherkins, some silverskin pickles, beetroot, topped with two microwave poached eggs and warmed Tesco Chicken Tikka breast strips and Tesco Chargrilled chicken breast strips.

    Note: the salad costs a quid and lasts all week, the Tesco chicken is two for a fiver (cheaper at Sainsbury’s) and lasts all week too. I sometimes do scrambled egg (and leave out the gherkin/beetroot/ onions), sprinkle herbs on — or cold boiled eggs brought in that day.

    Followed with an Activia Fat Free yoghurt – Vanilla flavour, and a black filter coffee.

    Dinner: Dukan Soup starter, main: Steak with pepper sauce and side salad sometimes with tomato slices, green beans, onions / Venison burger / whole roast chicken from Tesco/ Bolognese or Chilli (mince with tomato purée, a can of chopped tomatoes, herbs and spices, onions, stock, garlic, peppers — whatever/ Rogan Josh Chicken curry. Washed down with a Beck’s Blue alcohol-free lager.
    Followed by Cheesecake and a black coffee.

    Evening: diet coke/ Beck’s Blue/ cold plate — boiled eggs , peppered roast beef strips, pickled onions. Sometimes a boiled egg chopped in a mug with tomato or red pepper/ green pepper/ Mint-yoghurt dip sauce (Raita) with julienne carrot sticks or other dip style veg

    Breakfast: One or two Omelettes, maybe one with onion, freshly ground black coffee.

    Lunch: Warmed galette (big pancake, halved) topped with chicken strips, and two microwave poached eggs/ cold boiled eggs, followed by Activia vanilla yoghurt 0% fat, and a black coffee

    Dinner: Whole roast chicken hot from Tesco/ Curry (no tomatoes) Beef or Chicken/ venison steaks or burgers. With other half of galette, followed by cheesecake, Dukan cookies,or Activia vanilla fat free yoghurt and coffee to finish.

    Snacks- boiled eggs/ quick omelette and onions, scrambled eggs, plus cold meats.

    If you’re clever with the oatbran, you can have cheesecake, porridge and a galette or two without going over. Note: we don’t eat fish. Wife likes milk in her coffee and sometimes a skinny latté.

    As I said, we’ve never eaten so much. I’m usually stuffed after eating — never even been ravenous on this diet.


  2. Posted by JO on June 27, 2010 at 6:46 am

    i know what you mean about grabbing dukan diet food ‘on the go’ – and sandwiches are a defo NO NO on attack and they seem to confront you on every corner when u r on dukan and cant have them!! i was a on trip the other week and was lucky it was a PV day (tho if it hadnt been i would’ve done a PV anyway) – i was up sooo early so didnt even feel like brekkie, but swigged on water until i got on the train. i had a tupperware with chopped cucumber, pepper, cauliflower, cherry toms – and another wee tub with 0% Nat Yog with Colemans Mint mixed in = Raita Dip. i produced it on the train and munched away on that – deeeeelish. we went out for lunch so i was able to order a salmon fillet with salad (no spuds and no sauce – made this quite clear to the waiter) – i got home at 2000hrs (ish) so whacked my porridge in the microwave – yum. so you see, depending on where u r going – if you get organised you CAN do it ‘on the go’ !! i had a very large handbag so i could fit my food and lots of water in !!! hope that tip helps for your next trip away. all the best charlotte…….x


  3. Posted by Lindsay on September 22, 2010 at 12:47 am

    Does your yogurt have any sugars at all? For Dairy I know its says Fat free, but all I can find is Fat Free greek yogurt sweetened by stevia (which i know is ok) BUT it still list 9 g of sugar?? All yogurt will have some natural sugars since the milk right? I noticed you did such a great job with your weight loss, I was just curious about your yogurt nutrition facts. 🙂




    • Hi Lindsay – yes, yoghurt has sugars in it, even the “no added sugar” fat free ones. The sugar comes in the form of Lactose. On any other low-carb diet, yoghurts would probably be discouraged, but the Dukan Diet is different in that it’s not just about limiting carbs, it’s about getting a good nutritional balance.

      Good luck! 🙂



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