Cruise Days 9 & 10

Morning weigh ins these mornings were embarrassing – I was up to 109.2 on day 9, and then up to 109.4 the day after that.  The injured knee precludes exercise, and leftover chocolate biscuits at the office following a meeting were actually surprisingly over-tempting.  I’d had three before I knew what was going on – what the HELL was all that?  Obviously I wasn’t going to run to the loos and barf them out again (eww) but a part of my traitorous brain suggested it from somewhere in the back row.  The rest of the brain laughed and jeered at the traitor in the corner, but the thought was still there.  I reiterate: eww.

Day 10 was a bit better, injury wise.  I managed to walk home, which made me feel better in and of itself, and I stuck 100% to the diet:

Day 10 food:


  • Oatbran Porridge
  • Cup of milky tea

Morning snack

  • 70g tub of cooked ham from Sainsburys


  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 200ml fat-free yoghurt

Afternoon snack

  • Nothing


  • Smoked salmon steak
  • Poached egg

Exercise consisted of a slow, careful walk home from work, favouring the knee, but I felt quite proud of myself.  This is the furthest I’ve walked since the accident, and I arrived home tired and the knee a bit tight, but I wasn’t in agony, for all that it took me over an hour to walk what is usually a 35 minute walk at a brisk pace.

I’m absolutely convinced that the prescription of 20-30 minutes of walking per day (note the emphasis on walking, not exercise in general) is essential to keep this diet on track.  Just look at my weight loss (or lack thereof) since my accident – here’s an excerpt from my spreadsheet:

17/6 108.1
18/6 108.4
19/6 109.1
20/6 108.7
21/6 108.1
22/6 no weigh in as was in london
23/6 108.7
24/6 109.2
25/6 109.4

I’m writing this entry on day 11, so I already know what my morning weigh-in is.  But you all have to wait!! Ha! 🙂

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