Cruise day 15 – PV

Morning weigh-in: 108.1

  • Daily loss -0.9 kg/-1.98lbs
  • Total lost 4.2kg/9.24lbs

Watercheck – 1.5l as at 17.00


  • dukan cookies
  • cup of tea

Morning snack

  • 150ml 2% fat natural yoghurt with sweetners


  • smoked salmon slices
  • 1/2 of a sweet red pepper
  • 8 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 baby gem lettuce hearts

Afternoon snack

  • 150ml 2% fat natural yoghurt with sweetners


  • 2x peppers stuffed with mince meat, spices, tomatoes and green beans… Mmmmm

Well, as the scales this morning attest, the Chinese last night was not a good idea.  I know, I know – it’s all about loss over time, but dagnammit! I wanna break through to the next kilo! It’s been too many years since I saw a 106 on the scales.  Even if it’s just 106.9, I’ll be happy!


I’m just hungry today, hence the cranky.  Another day of non-preparedness.  My lunch was particularly unappetising – looked great, but was really not fun.  As far as I’m concerned, smoked salmon is only any good on oatcakes with lemon juice and cracked black pepper.

However, in more positive news, today was my first day back on the bike after the accident.  Though I’m now feeling a little ambiguous about it, for 2 reasons:

  1. It hurt me pretty bad, last time I used it, and
  2. Riding my bike to work, while allowing a quicker route on my commute, deprives me of valuable walking time – I burn far fewer calories on the bike cycling for 10 minutes than I do walking for 35 – which is how long it takes me on the bike and walking, respectively

One thing that makes me happy about the bike, though, is the increase in freedom again.  J and I are getting a kitten soon, and the great search for The Perfect Kitten has begun.  I’m going to meet the first potential this evening, which I’d never be able to do without my bike, cause it’s a good hour walk away, and an hour walk back.

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