Cruise day 16 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 108.1

  • Daily loss 0.0 kg/0.0lbs
  • Total lost 4.2kg/9.24lbs

Watercheck – 1.7l as at 17.00


  • Oatbran Porridge
  • 1 microwaved egg

Morning snack

  • 1.5 chicken breasts, cooked on skewers with fajita seasoning


  • 1.5 chicken breasts, cooked on skewers with fajita seasoning


  • Tried a clever combination of lean bacon dry fried, then scrambling eggs into the mix.  I thought I’d be extra clever and add balsamic vinegar for “tang.”  Not so clever. Note to self, don’t add balsamic vinegar to eggs – totally ruins the taste
  • 150ml low fat yoghurt

Today was a very low calorie day, in the end.  Not deliberately, but all that yummy chicken breast just filled me up.  In the end I wound up eating a total of no more than 600 calories, which constitutes a Very Low Calorie Diet.  I think perhaps I should start to eat a bit more, because all the reading I’ve done shows that this actually isn’t very good for me.  Eek!

In other news, I managed my 30 minute walk at lunchtime, which was nice. Added to that 20 minutes on the bike in Hilly Edinburgh, my net calories for the day after exercise was just 235.  Again, I really don’t know how healthy this is.  My skin is still fine, I’ve not be losing any more hair than usual, I’m not feeling unwell.  But I read that Ketosis could reduce brain function – how can one tell if one is not thinking as well as before? It’s like trying to remember whether you could once remember a memory of which you have no memory!

Perhaps some more PvP games with J might be in order…

3 responses to this post.

  1. Did you say PvP? as in World of Warcraft? I just started the Dukan diet, and a favorite thing of mine to do is peruse blogs about whatever diet I’m trying. I came across yours, and was reading it, trying to get tips (made note of the balsamic vinegar tip, which is something I totally would have tried, so thanks). THEN I was PvP…omg, I wonder if she plays WoW? Just like me….


  2. Hey Patty,

    Hehe, I was wondering whether anyone would pick up on that reference – I am an avid WoW player, though not yet a Kingslayer – our guild is working towards it, still butting our heads against Sindragosa.

    But in a real world context, PvP more refers to me playing board games with my boyfriend. He’s usually better than me, but it would be a good way of working out whether I suck more than usual, and therefore the Ketosis is destroying my ability to think.

    I visited your blog – I see you knit too? I bet you like Firefly too, huh? You’re probably an American version of me 😉

    Thanks for stopping by, I’ll add you to my blogroll. If you’re looking for an inexpensive Dukan community, stop by Simon’s blog, and the forum attached to it, at They’re a really lovely bunch of people who will support you until the cows come home (or until and beyond you achieving your goal weight!)



  3. How funny is that, our guild is in the same place, up against Sindy. Yes – I knit. Yes – I like Firefly too. I’ve checked out, and that’s how I linked to your blog. I will definitely check out the forum – thanks for the tip. Have a super day!


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