Cruise day 18 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 106.4

  • Daily loss 0.3 kg/.0.66lbs
  • Total lost 5.96kg/12.98lbs


  • Oatbran Porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • 150ml low fat yoghurt with artificial sweetener

Right, So I can’t stay long – we’re going to the big wedding today, but I just wanted to comment on the results on the scales this morning.  Yesterday I ate twice the calories than practically every day this past week, on average.  I had two pots of Muller light, which personally I thought was too much, but I was actually making an effort to eat *more*, so long as it was on-diet.  I took my prescribed exercise (plus my daily commute, equalling about 25 minutes, some of which is hard cycling) and I stuck absolutely to the diet.

I was expecting to hover steady around yesterday’s reading of 106.7kg, or even perhaps bounce up a bit.

But I didn’t.

This just goes to show, it’s not about calorie counting, if you stick religiously to the allowed foods and take your exercise diligently.  Pierre Dukan does say, in his book, that if you introduce just one thing that’s not on the menu, then you’re back to calorie counting for the day, and that’s not a good result.

OMG there were chocolates at work yesterday.  Big, lush, luxury Spanish chocolates that my boss brought in as a gift for everyone.  People were eating them and rhapsodising about how tasty they were.  I looked at the nutritional values, and balked at the calorie count – 120 cal per chocolate. I am SO very glad I didn’t have any, because all that fat and sugar would have negated everything else I’d eaten yesterday.  Not just with their own fat and sugar content, but they would have given my body something else to latch onto, something else to digest instead of what I’d already given my body, and my body would have jumped on that and run.

Right, gotta go.  Wedding tonight, where I am going to drink alcohol and have a good time. And for every glass of booze, I must dance two ceilidh set dances. Until I get too drunk to dance anymore… 😉

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Dobsessed on July 5, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Love reading your blog! Good luck.

    Question, do you know if xylitol is allowed? The nutritional value says it has 0g of carbs but still has calories? I’m starting Day 1 of Attack today and will be blogging about it to?


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