Cruise day 26 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 104.2

  • Daily lost 0.4kg/0.88lbs
  • Total lost 8.1kg/17.82lbs

Watercheck – 1.8l by 11.30pm


  • Oatbran porridge – eaten late due to sleeping in after wedding, so was eat more like lunchtime


  • See breakfast


  • 2x roast chicken breasts
  • 1 muller light


  • 45 mins walking around town doing errands

Another happy day on the scales, though the weigh-in wasn’t until about midday, pre-breakfast post-toilet – another wedding last night caused a late night which led to a late morning…  The results could be spurious. But STILL! Nearly into the 103’s! Before I started this diet, I went through all my old diaries, where I’d sometimes record my weigh-ins, and discovered that I actually have intermittent weight data going back 12 years.  I can categorically say that the last time I weighed in the 103’s was back in 2008, and the last time I was below 100kg was in 2004.  It feels so achievable now – I’m more than half way to that mini-goal of moving from triple to double digits on the scales (not counting decimals of course!) and I feel like I’m really only just getting into the swing of this diet.  I’m not flagging at all – no, I’m probably in a better position than I was when I first started, in terms of determination and certainly understanding.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey there, well done on surviving a wedding and staying on Dukan — that’s a big wow!

    *pat on the back*

    You sound pretty determined to get back to 2004 and I think you’ll get there. Back to the Future! It’s always good to nip over to Amazon’s site and read the reviews of The Dukan Diet Book — very encouraging I think!


  2. Hi Charlotte,
    I would have to agree that the more you get into this diet the more determined you become, I am only up to day 10 though 🙂
    Congratulations on your results so far!


  3. Thanks for linking to my blog! That’s really sweet 🙂 I also have a Dukan blog, If you like it I would love it if you linked to this one 🙂


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