38 total days on the Dukan Diet

I thought I’d just share this – my total progress to date.  The red line is my actual weight (in kilos) with a 7 day rolling average in blue. It jut goes to show, even if I have a three day bounce back, I can still look at my overall progress and be happy. 🙂

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  1. Wow; We love charts! Charts show daily ups and downs, I reckon that your trend is downward, and that your fluctuations are smoother — mainly due to your ups being shallower. Your graph is less “jaggy”, so something definitely has changed recently.

    The reduced upstroke has to be about food and drink choices, but the reduced downstroke might be about icky matters (as you put it), salt leading to water retention, or lack of walking/ cycling.

    So the next few days will be very interesting; if all else is equal (exercise, food and drink), then a drop is on the cards after loo-works!

    Wanna try some weird tips?
    here goes:
    Take calcium supplements and conjugated linoleic acid capsules every day;
    Sprinkle cinnamon on fat free yogurt;
    Use paprika and vinegar a lot;
    Eat more RED meat, less chicken and turkey;
    The morning walk is more effective than evenings;
    Slice up your food more;
    Chew sugar-free gum 15 mins after meals;
    Have more sex;
    Sip green tea;
    Spinach and tomato are essential on PV days. Big time.
    Source: http://clippednews.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/top-50-slimming-tips/

    (PS Let us know if they’re any good)


  2. That graph looks so impressive! It’s a really visual way to see your results 🙂 How did you make it?


    • Lauren – I use a Google Docs spreadsheet to mark my journey – I fill in my daily kgs measurement, and it then automatically updates the rest of the spreadsheet with how much I’ve lost in total in pounds, kilos, as well as what the daily gain/loss is. It also tells me how far I have to go, what my current BMI is, and how many stone I’ve lost in total. Meh, rather than tell you, why don’t I SHOW you!?

      This link will take you to a published version of my spreadsheet. Google docs acts almost like excel in terms of creating charts, and you can have the option of pasting an image snapshot of the graph at a single point in time, or pasting code to embed the actual graph itself so that it gets updated every morning when I update my spreadsheet.

      If you have a google docs account, I’m happy to help set one up for you if you need me to – you can just give me edit access to your spreadsheet and I can make changes as needed, then you can remove me again. 🙂


  3. Thanks so much, I will check it out but I can’t see your link…
    I do have a google docs account so that should make it easier


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