Cruise day 32 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 103.6 – YAY!!

  • Daily lost 0.5kg/1.1lbs
  • Total lost 8.7kg/19.14lbs

Watercheck – 2l by 11.33pm


  • scrambled eggs
  • 3 custom-made fat-free sausages
  • teensy bit of haggis
  • cup of tea

Morning snack

  • cup of tea
  • 2x oatbran muffins


  • Nothing, as breakfast was late


BBQ at a friends house:

  • More custom fat-free beef sausages
  • fat free beef burger patties (from the same mix as the sausages)
  • Lots of diet coke
  • 1 cosmopolitan


  • 30 minute walk with friend to get more vodka (of which I did not partake…)

So yesterday I got off work a little early and walked past our local butchers, who are usually closed by the time I finish work.  I was struck by a stroke of genius – this butcher’s is old-school, they make their own sausages on-site.  Why not ask them to make me some EXTRA LEAN sausages?

After a little negotiation, the butcher and I had struck an agreement.  I’d pay for a large batch of extra lean sausages – he showed me the meat from which the sausages would be made, not a bit of fat on them. And he’d make them up with yummy sausage spices – including fresh chillies for teh spice.

I had some for breakfast with J this morning, and then had more at the BBQ this afternoon – and they were BRILLIANT!

I did, however, have a cosmopolitan.  I’ll admit it.  My excuse is that one of our hosts works for the alcohol distributer, Diageo.  So as well as being a BBQ, it was also a cocktail party.  Everyone was having all these incredible drinks, you should have SEEN the spread of different booze.  However, over a 7 hour stint, I was (mostly) strong, and drank diet coke only.  I did cave in at the lime vodka flavoured cosmos – just one.  We’ll see if I’m punished in the morning on the scales – but it was worth it, what a faaab drink! 😉

3 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! .5 again 🙂 Things are really getting back on track for you, that’s awesome. I’m so proud of you for sticking to one drink, that really is great xoxo


  2. The custom made sausages sound amazing. What a stroke of genius ;-)I will have to look into this for us, I do love sausages.


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