Cruise day 33 – PV

Morning weigh-in: 103.3

  • Daily lost 0.3kg/0.66lbs
  • Total lost 9kg/19.8lbs

Watercheck – 1.7l by 11.33pm


  • Oatbran porridge
  • fat-free yoghurt with candarel & cinnamon
  • cup of coffee with skimmed milk


  • 3x bbq chicken thighs from Tesco, skin removed
  • 500ml diet pepsi


  • pre-roast chicken from Tesco
  • Muller light
  • 2x microwaved eggs


  • 1h15mins biking around Edinburgh, up and down hills, wheee!

Another .3kg down today, making me happy, hurray!  It was a lovely warm day, so I thought I’d take the bike out for a spin on some of Edinburgh’s back roads and secret bike paths.  I only got rained on once, which is pretty darn good by Edinburgh standards.  I don’t seem to be doing very well with the vege, however – today was essentially a PP day by default, just cause the meat was easier.

On my way around Tesco today, I thought about Simon’s post around that kneejerk reaction towards wanting fast/convenient food when you’re really hungry.  By the time I got to Tesco, it was about 3pm, I’d been on my bike for 45mins, and I’d only had a small porridge and a yoghurt for the day.  Suffice it to say, I was famished.

I walked past the snackfoods section on my way to the deli counter at the back, where I planned to procure myself some fresh-cooked chicken to stave off the hunger.  My consideration of all the carb&fat laden junk food – crisps, chocolate, sandwiches, icecreams – my consideration of them was more of an academic one than any real desire to eat them.

I thought about hoeing into a big bag of cheesy puffs, and immediately thought of Simon’s post about convenience foods, and how ingrained my habits had once been.  A weird mix of emotions cycloned through me – wistfulness at something that I knew I wasn’t going to have, disgust at even thinking about it, and a quiet resolute emotion approaching pent up rage.  Why do all these food companies insist on creating foods which even they know are very bad for us?

Oh, I know the answer.  Profit.  We are nothing but their stooges, lapping up what they put in front of us, letting us spiral deeper and deeper into a dependence on something which will eventually cause us misery, and then we find ourselves eating more of it to try and assuage that misery.


Or maybe I should follow Link’s example (he’s lying on the cat bed I’ve put on my desk, fast asleep) and go to bed…

6 responses to this post.

  1. Dragons’ Den moment: If Dukan is a bit hit, and if people are on Dukan for life, then we need Dukan foods in our supermarkets. At the very least a section filled with fat free yogurt, oat bran, quark, eggs and venison!

    Better still would be Dukan style chocolate galettes, muffins, cookies, and cheesecakes.

    Like you did with your butcher, I have spoken with local Indian restaurants and kebab shops. Chicken Tikka kebabs are wonderful! It is amazing what you can get that compiles with Dukan if only you speak up. Maybe if we all spoke up they would twig and have a high protein diet section on the menu.

    The business opportunities are many. It is so difficult to find lunch that doesn’t involve bread, rice or chips.

    It is so difficult to do the Dukan if you don’t like (or can’t) cook all the things that make it alright.

    I surely cannot be alone by having to thank my wife sincerely for making cheesecake, muffins and so on.

    Without her, I would be eating a dull Dukan diet of eggs, chicken and yogurt! Would I have lasted so long?

    I would never have even attempted a galette! For her part she says she may not have tried the recipes for just herself, that it is always easier to diet (and cook for) two.

    Oh, if only the shops had them to tempt us on our supermarket sweeps!


    • Yes, there’s no doubt that this diet would be easier if there were two of us doing it – my fellah doesn’t have much to lose, and so has cut out booze during the week. The weight’s coming off – slowly, but it’s still coming off.

      I shall have to try the cheesecake – what did it taste like with artificial sweetener? And which sweetener did you use?

      I totally agree though – there is most definitely a place on supermarket shelves for Dukan Friendly Food. But I think there’s even more a place for it in small independent grocers and butchers. I know I’ll definitely be going back to MY butcher for some more of those heavenly sausages! 🙂


  2. Only 1kg to go until 10!! Keep it up, you are doing awesome! I can’t wait to lose 10 🙂


  3. You made me add the recipe to our family site! Let’s face it, we’re going to be living with high protein desserts for years to come…

    We might have to meet up in a dark carpark late of a night and score some of your butcher’s “special” sausages! You can be his dealer on the East coast. I’ll handle the West coast operation and smuggle them over the Harthill border taped to my much slimmed midriff like a beef bomber on a fatwah. I can get use of one of my big tops, before I give them to the charity shop. They’d better be “the good stuff” mind. LOL.


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