Cruise day 34 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 103.3

  • Daily lost 0.0kg/0.0lbs
  • Total lost 9kg/19.8lbs

Watercheck – 2.5l by 11.40pm


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • 1 fat-free sausage
  • cup of tea with skimmed milk

Morning snack

  • 2 fat free sausages (cold)


  • 1 breast of Tesco roast chicken
  • 3 fat free sausages

Afternoon snack

  • pot of muller light


  • 1 chicken breast with salt and pepper

Evening snack

  • Chocolate oatbran muffin.  I was cooking them.  One fell apart.  What was I supposed to do? 😉


  • 25 mins on the bike
  • 30 mins walk around the Meadows after work

So, no change today.  But that’s ok, as it’s kinda in line with the 5-day cycle.  Also, when I weighed myself yesterday, it was about 11am, after I’d been up for a couple of hours but hadn’t eaten anything – I’ve found on previous days that I can easily lose 200-300 grams just by sitting around for a few hours feeling a little hungry.  Interesting, hey?

No change then, and I might even go up again tomorrow – which I’d be ok with – but I’m hoping for the opposite result.

My fat-free sausages were a hit with my tastebuds today, though I played it safe and took an Alli with them, because despite the fact that they’re supposed to be as lean as a fat-free steak, they still feel a tad greasy.

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  1. Posted by JO on July 20, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    charlotte – ur blog is great – and you are going great guns now. well done mate.
    however, i still dont understand the use of Alli tablets – why do you do this?!!! just dont eat the food if it means u have to flush the fat out with a tablet.
    am i missing something mate?
    keep going with the diet mate – but step away from the Alli tabs!1 xx (pse dont take this as a criticism, i just dont understand why!!!).x


  2. Jo m’dear, no offense taken! 🙂 I use Alli as just another weapon in my weight-loss arsenal. I read Dr Dukan’s assessment of them – and his main difficulty with them is that they are indeed, frightfully expensive, despite the fact that they do aid weight loss.

    The last time I tried to lose weight, I used Alli. Granted, I didn’t have anywhere near the same kind of success as with Dukan, but I stopped using them after a while – there was no method to the system, other than “don’t have more than 15g of fat with a meal.” That’s not enough guidance for me, so I was done. I still have a fairly substantial container of them left, and if I think that a meal may have hidden fats, or a little more fat than I’d prefer, I can use Alli to flush 25% of that fat out of my system before it’s absorbed. I don’t use Alli regularly – only when I have to, for example when I can’t find fat-free yoghurt. I take a low-fat yoghurt and pop an Alli with it.

    Like I said, the sausages are supposed to be fat-free, but they feel a little greasy, so to counteract that, an Alli helps me out. It also helps me assess just how much fat was in the meal – if I have any kind of (even mild) “treatment effects” (ie runnies in the loo) then I know that the fat content of that product was too high and to avoid it in future.

    Fortunately no treatment effects so far on the sausages… 😉

    One of my colleagues recently did a scientific study (I work for an independent pharmaceutical support org) on all the different “diet” pills, and Alli came out well and truly on top of the pile, as the only one which has undergone (and been successful in) any clinical trials.

    I’m of the opinion that if something’s there that can help me, I might as well take advantage. 🙂

    Jo, I really wish that you’d keep a blog of what you’re eating and doing – I know how well you’re going on the diet and I could really do with the comparison!! *puppy dog eyes*


  3. Posted by JO on July 20, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    thanks charlotte – u’ve obviously done ur research, and so long as its not harming you then ‘go girl’ !!
    as for me doing a blog – i dont have the first idea of how to set one up – i’m a computer biff!!
    but wot i will say is when i diet, i diet good!! i have the odd slip up with wine (oops) but not with the food. if something is forbidden i wont eat it – simples!!
    i lost nearly one and a half stone with slimming world but hit a plateau – then i read the article in the daily mail on the DD and thought id give it ago – 19lbs later i’m still here – gonna keep going until i feel like the Old Jo. Shouldn’t be too long. and d’ya know wot – this time it AINT goin back on – NO WAY !! xxxxxx


  4. Hey there! Here’s what I fink: scales are funny things — they are calibrated to show jumps, rather than being sweepingly accurate. Digital scales are no different, even though they show a decimal, it doesn’t mean that you get every 100g (0.1 kg); it depends on the accuracy setting. I used to have scales accurate to 50g, but now I have better looking glass ones that are to 100g.

    Now this means that you get a rounded figure. Thus at times you stand on the scales and it displays (for example) 99.9 and you are delighted to be in double figures, but step on a few moments later, and the display is now 100.0 — and it is because you are borderline with the accuracy of the scales. You are probably 99.95kg if you see what I mean.

    Water weighs a lot as anyone with a big fish tank, swimming pool or water bed will tell you. So emptying you bladder tends to make more of a difference than your bowels. Fluid retention due to salt in the diet far outweighs (literally) constipated effects. Ask anyone with a dog and a pooper-scooper to demonstrate.

    Slight rises in weight on the scales tends therefore to be down to either or both the rounding up or down of the scales’s display and fluid retention in my humble opinion. The scales will be triggered as soon as enough fluid has been pee’d, sweated or exhaled.

    To overcome this, you could weigh yourself several times over the day and take an average, get more accurate scales or just forget it and plot the spreadsheet an watch the ups and downs from a slightly aloof viewpoint!

    But then that’s just my guessing. Anyone got a better theory? LOL!


    • Hehe… I agree – just for fun, I always weigh myself first thing in the morning before the loo, and then again after the loo. It’s the post-loo measurement that I take, which is always the lowest for the day. My scales are pretty good, provided I’m very accurate myself with the placement of said scales – I’ve got it down to a fine art now… 😉


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