Cruise day 39 – PV

Morning weigh-in: 102.0 – awright!

  • Daily lost 0.4kg/0.88lbs
  • Total lost 10.3kg/22.66lb

Watercheck – 1.8l by 22.24pm

Breakfast – A proper weekend carb-free fry-up! (but with grilling rather than frying)

  • Oatbran porridge
  • Poached eggs x2
  • Low-fat sausage x3
  • Grilled tomato


  • Sainsbury’s mini chicken satay sticks x 12


  • Fajita chicken, cooked with peppers and onion, served with fresh tomato – as close as a girl can get to Fajitas in tortillas without the rest of the trimmings.  I’ve started eating these little chicken chunks with chopsticks too – this all began when we had NO clean cutlery and the dishwasher was washing, so I was forced to use chopsticks.  Now I quite like using them – it slows me down a little, plus chopsticks feel GREAT to use!
  • Mini babybel light


  • 40 minute ride to a distant supermarket and back, JUST to get the fajita spices.
  • 35 minute walk/jog around the Meadows after dinner

It was a late start to the day today – a Saturday with nothing to do except go shopping and play with Link.  I’m a bit obsessed with different ways to prepare chicken these days, and my favorite thing to do just now is to chop breast meat into cubes and stirfry with fajita spices.  On PP days, it’s just chicken on its own.  On PV days, some onion and peppers go in there, and J can enjoy it with me.

I’ve tried a few different fajita mixes, but my favorite one by far is the Ol El Paso Original Smoky BBQ mix.  The local supermarkets don’t stock them, and even the big Tesco we went to out of town doesn’t either, so I decided to trek out to a Sainsbury’s on my bike on the off chance that they’d have them – SUCCESS!!

I was SUPER hungry by the time I got out there (more cause it had been hours since breakfast than because I’d expended much energy on the way there – it’s mostly downhill from my place) so after having successfully found the fajita spices (yay!) I rifled around the cooked meats section and came across the mini satay sticks.  Normally I’d have assumed that they were full of fat and carbs as filler, but surprise!  When I looked on the back, both fat and carb content were really low! Yay for a new quick snack if I need one.  And they totally hit the spot.

Energy levels were definitely up today.  The cycle back from Sainsbury’s was easier than I was expecting, despite the continuous up-hill practically all the way home. If it means anything to anyone, I did the hill right from the bottom of the Royal Mile – from outside Holyrood Palace, to George IV Bridge – almost up to Edinburgh Castle.  A gorgeous ride through an ancient city, but my GOD the tourists are out in force – the Edinburgh Festival Season is starting soon! I went past Bristo Square where they’re erecting the big purple tent called the Udderbelly – or the Upsidedown Cow, as me and my friends refer to it.  I have many happy memories sitting in the beer garden outside the UpsideDown Cow, having pints of brew and enjoying watching Starspotting (lots of famous people and comedians hang out there) and generally watching the festival go by.

I faithfully got my walk in today, of course.  Energy levels were such that when Blame It On The Boogie came on my iPod, I deemed my bra “good enough” and skipped into a gentle jog.  I only lasted till the end of the song, but it felt GREAT!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on July 25, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Ah, a grilled tomato with one’s sausage …. true civilisation/luxury.


  2. Congratulations on reaching the 10kg!!! Well done xoxox


  3. Biking up the Royal Mile? Wow that is a nice steady climb. I’ve walked it before, as a tourist, stopping in pubs and church’s, and I was exhausted by the end! I’m very impressed you did it on your bike 🙂


  4. Mother: Yes, grilled tomatoes are one of life’s great luxuries… 😉

    Laura: thanks hun! You’ll be there soon! 🙂

    Patty: Yep, it was a bit of a climb – but I’m getting more and more used to Edinburgh’s hills on a bike. The worst part is when I’m going up the Royal Mile and realise that I have a bus on my tail, not overtaking cause it’s about to pull into the bus stop – then I have to pedal-pedal-pedal as FAST as my little legs will take me. It happened to me twice that day, but I got a cheery thumbs up from a person waiting at the bus stop! 😉


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