Cruise day 42 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 102.1

  • Daily lost 0.1kg/0.22lbs
  • Total lost 10.2kg/22.44lb

Watercheck – 2.4l by 21.37pm


  • Oatbran porridge
  • Microwaved eggs x1
  • Cup of milky tea


  • Spicy skewered chicken pieces dipped in…
  • 100ml light onion & chive cottage cheese
  • mini babybel light

Afternoon snack

Muller Light vanilla


Exercise – Low energy today, muscles still sore from the gym

  • 25 minute cycle
  • 45 minute walk/run (OK, so there were only 3 bouts of running, for no more than a minute each, but still. 😉

Still just a modest loss on the scales this morning.  But that still keeps me in the range of 1.1kg down for the last seven days, so I shouldn’t be complaining.  I’m ahead of my own projections, and if I manage to keep up this kind of pace, I’ll be in Consolidation by February next year.  Sounds like a long time, but how time can fly – I can’t believe it’s been 50 days since I started the Dukan Diet – and still show no signs of getting tired of it.

Support from the online community, as well as from workmates, friends and J, has really helped – so thankyou all!

I decided to slightly alter my normal routine today – replacing an egg with low-fat cottage cheese (surprisingly tasty when you use it to dip skewered chicken pieces) and testing out Evian instead of tapwater to see if it alters my general feeling of well-being.

I’d forgotten just how lovely Evian is to drink.  There’s water, and then there’s water – Evian tastes sweet and fresh – no metallic aftertaste, like something you’d expect to drink from some magic spring that a unicorn has dipped its horn in (or um…  something…)

Anyway, it’s also higher in magnesium than a lot of other mineral waters, and in the last live chat, Dr Dukan recommended that to help out with … lack of “ick,” to try drinking more water, and to find water with a higher magnesium content.


Wow, that Evian surely went through me! I’ve not had to go to the loo so much at work in ages – then again, it was so lovely tasting that I drank almost all 2 litres quite quickly – this is by far the most water I’ve had during this diet.

Lovely walk this evening through the Meadows – sun shining, music singing happily in my ears.  I passed by the British Military Fitness classes, and I have to say, I’m sorely tempted to take part! It didn’t look THAT much more strenuous than my very fast walking.  Perhaps in a little while, when I can run a bit further and a bit faster…

4 responses to this post.

  1. Love the new style 🙂

    I’ve seen that cottage cheese here, there is also a gherkin one, but they have more carbs, so i thought i should avoid them, but if i do good while im away i will definitely have one as a treat when i get back.



  2. I like the new look, too!

    And the video, very cool 🙂 I’m totally going to download some of these. I grew up in the disco age, so I’m totally on board with this play list!


    • Oooh yeah, the playlist makes the 30 minutes go by in a flash! Only problem is that it makes me walk so fast that I have to pick a “creative” route though the park so I don’t arrive home too early! 😉


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