Cruise day 46 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 101.2

  • Daily LOSS 0.1kg/0.22lbs
  • Total lost 11.1kg/24.42lb

Watercheck – 1.4l by 20.30


  • 2x scrambled egg
  • Cup of coffee with milk
  • 3x lean beef sausage


  • 1x lean beef sausage


  • Rump steak
  • fat free yoghurt with oatbran & 1/2 tsp cocoa
  • mini babybel light
  • 2x oatbran muffins


  • 50 minutes cycling around running errands (including cycling up the length of the Royal Mile
  • 35 mins walk around the Meadows

My sneaky scales played tricks on me this morning – I couldn’t get a constant reading from them – the first reading they gave me was 100.9 – jubilation! But I always do more than one morning weigh-in and it settles.  The second reading was 101.7 – no jubilating. A few more reading later, I finally got the scales to settle down on 101.2, but I have no real idea which reading was correct.  Especially as, once I came back from my cycle, I once again weighed 100.9 (yes, some obsessive weighing.  Better than compulsive eating, right?)

Energy levels, despite the long cycle and walk, were quite low today.  I did no running for my after-dinner walk, and hardly had to backtrack and criss-cross the Meadows at all to make sure I walked for teh full 30 mins – in fact, it took five mins longer than usual because I wasn’t able to walk at a quick enough pace for my fave walking tracks.  I’ve been thinking about what Gentlemonkey said about red meat – I’ve not been getting much iron recently.  So, my meat intake today was entirely red meat – I’ll be interested to note my energy levels tomorrow!

Hips are also a bit sore from my 8 minute (sore from 8 minutes?!) run yesterday.  J says that when he started running again, his hip joints were sore too, but I’m not convinced about the wisdom of running when I’m carrying around my kinda pounds.  The fitness level is there to run, but maybe I should take it easy.  Advice gratefully received if there are any Dukan runners out there…

One last comment: I didn’t have my oatbran porridge for brekkie today, so in order to get my oatbran intake, I had a tablespoon with Yoghurt at dinner, and some chocolate oatbran muffins at the same time.  My god do I ever feel bloated now! The last time I remember having the same feeling of bloat was actually the last time I had oatbran, muffins and yoghurt together.  I won’t be trying that combo again… Ugh.

One response to this post.

  1. Thanks for the recipe’s, I like how much you experiment with things, and you’re honest about the results. You are doing so well, too! A complete inspiration to me today 🙂


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