Cruise day 49 – PV

Morning weigh-in: 100.3

  • Daily LOSS 0.5kg/1.1lbs
  • Total lost 12.0kg/26.4lb

Watercheck – 2l by 19.21


  • 1x scrambled egg
  • Oatbran porridge
  • Mug of tea with milk


  • Steak & ale pie – without the pastry
  • some gastropub veggies (no chips!) – carrots & beans


  • Fajita chicken thigh pieces (again as much of the fat cut off as I could.)
  • Mini babybel light
  • 4 slices pastrami
  • Muller light vanilla


  • 20 mins cycling
  • 37 min walk + 3 mins run ’round the Meadows (40 mins total)

So, I feel like a total fraud today.  A half kg loss on the scales, but I totally didn’t deserve it, not with that icecream yesterday.  I didn’t mention it was an icecream sundae, did I? No, I didn’t, cause I was even too ashamed to admit it to you, dear reader. But I’ll come clean now – it was an icecream sundae.  Evil, creamy and packed full of sugar.

I stepped on the scales ready to accept my penance with a gain today, but to my surprise – a HALF KILO LOSS!

I was – obviously – happy, but at the same time, a bit sheepish.

Not to worry, I’m certainly not going to interpret this to mean that I can have an icecream sundae every day and still maintain a healthy loss. No – what this means is that, as everyone keeps assuring each other over at the Dukan Diet Forum, this is actually quite a forgiving diet, so long as transgressions are few and far between.

I know that this is going to be a tough week, food wise.  I’m in a first aid training course all week (yawn) and am away from my normal routines.  We eat at a pub around the corner from the training venue, and there’s very little Dukan-friendly food on the menu.  I had a quiet word with the manager after our meal today, and he said he’d be happy to let me go off menu with a grilled chicken breast and a poached egg for lunch each day, so that will make things a little easier at least.

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