The Daily Walks

So, I’ve come to the stage where my daily walk is not just habitual, but compulsory as part of my evening routine.  Some days, I look forward to it, some days I groan, pull on my tracky dacks, and trudge downstairs.  But I have practically NEVER got half way through my walk around the park and not been quite enjoying myself (the one time when I wasn’t, was when it started raining about 1/3 of my way through and I got home soaking, with water dripping down my forehead into my eyes.  Not nice!)

Today, I was thinking some more about it as I was walking, and I realised this: my walking time is kinda like my daily meditation, to help me focus on my commitment to this healthier way of life.  I always return home with a little more resolve than when I left the house.

This is one of the reasons the walk is compulsory for me. 🙂

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  1. Posted by Phil W on August 4, 2010 at 2:59 am

    Hi Charlotte, I’ve only been on the diet since 25/07/10 so still experimenting. Congratulations on your dedication to your diet and reporting in to followers about your progress :-). Your Ratatouille recipe was delicious! Finally I’ve found a way of eating a variety of veg (only like the taste of peas, carrots and tomatoes). Going to add some curry powder to the next one. Phil 🙂


    • Hi Phil!

      So glad you liked the Ratatouille – it’s such a versatile recipe, you’ve really got a lot of flexibility! If you like peas (yuck!) then chuck ’em on in! 🙂

      Good luck with your Dukan adventure – check in over at the Dukan Diet Forum (the free one linked to from my blog) – there are a lot of very lovely, very supportive folk who can provide help, insight and motivation if you ever find yourself needing any of these. 🙂



  2. Gratz on breaking the barrier!


  3. After reading the whole post, regarding the slow blood flow, your blood volume might be down. I have chronic anemia (aka low blood iron) and I have had to have transfusions and stuff. One time, when I was giving blood for tests (which i have to have done every 2 to 6 months) they sent me to the hospital because i didnt have enough salts in my blood, and another time they sent me because I didnt have enough blood volume. Both issues can be corrected, as I was told, by drinking at least a pint of gatorade every day. you might want to give that a try, but I would definitely consider seeing a doctor.


    • Thanks for the thoughts Patty. I suspect you might be partially right. After discussing with someone else who’s doing a self-regulated low-carb diet, we think that it might also have to do with an instinctive fight or flight reaction, demanding more energy from the body, which my blood glucose levels just can’t provide.

      I don’t think a pint of gatorade every day is conducive to a low carb diet though! 🙂 I think the answer is probably just to not give blood until I’m at least into the second half of Consolidation, which will be about this time next year…


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