Cruise day 51 – PV

Morning weigh-in: 99.7

  • Daily loss 0.0kg/0.0lbs
  • Total lost 12.6kg/27.72lb

Watercheck – 2.5l by 23.17


  • 1x scrambled egg
  • Oatbran porridge
  • Mug of tea with milk


  • Small grilled chicken breast
  • poached egg
  • bowl of broccoli soup
  • leafy salad, no dressing

Afternoon snack

  • mini babybel light x2


  • Nandos 1/2 chicken


  • 20 mins cycling
  • 30 min walk to and from cinema

Nothing much to report.  I’m not entirely disappointed with the results on the scales this morning – I can cope with no change, so long as it’s no change in the 99s! 🙂  I’ve not been feeling woozy or anything today, but my walk to and from the cinema (Thursdays is officially Movie Night with our friends) wasn’t too strenuous – I’m now nursing an inexplicably sore left foot – feels like the ball of the foot is bruised.  It’s been like this since yesterday, and I suspect it has something to do with my normal walking shoes – they’re Sketchers, but nothing fancy – just insanely comfortable.  Not very cushioned or anything, so good for walking, but perhaps not so good for running.  My plan for the weekend is to see if I can find myself some new trainers.

Saw Splice tonight.  Good film, if you like that kinda thing.  Which I do. Quite disturbing though.  The characters are almost without exception, morally flawed – but that’s what makes a great film, right? 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by JO on August 6, 2010 at 11:38 am

    charlotte, ur doing so so well mate. u must be well chuffed with yourself!!
    yeah, i wud defo recommend a decent pair of trainers to run in. you need a bit of support and sketchers just dont cut it for that im afraid! keep up the jogging/trotting – build up gradually, and as the Kgs fall away, the Kms will increase!! nice one…..x


    • Excellent advice all round, Jo. I dug out an old pair of trainers which seem to do the job, but it’s really funny how the muscles you use for one set of shoes totally differs from another – I found my calf muscles to be doing the tango during my walk/run last night!


  2. Hey! Sorry I’ve been away so long….good to catch up on how you are going 🙂
    CONGRATULATIONS on breaking the 100kg mark, that is so fantastic xoxo you must feel great 🙂 Keep up the fantastic work.


    • Heeey hunny bunny! Loved your Buller Snow pics – brought back all sorts of childhood memories for me! And well done for only coming back with another 1.8kgs on the scales – that’ll melt away in NO time. It’s probably just water weight anyway. Hope you got the carbs your body needed while you were skiing! 🙂

      And yay for being under 100kg! 🙂


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