Cruise day 55 – PV

Morning weigh-in: 99.3

  • Daily loss 0.1kg/0.22lbs
  • Total lost 13kg/28.6lb

Watercheck – 3.2l by 22.00 – incl tea and sugar free Ribena


  • 1x microwaved egg
  • oatbran porridge
  • cup of tea

Morning snack

  • 1x lean beef sausage
  • small handful of chicken fajita pieces
  • 2 slices pastrami
  • little bit of carrot/celery/peppers grazing box


  • 1x lean beef sausage
  • Chicken fajita pieces
  • Mini babybel light

Afternoon snack

  • s’more chicken!


  • Taco salad (minus the corn chips) – J made this as a Dukan friendly version of a childhood recipe of his.  Basically, prepare l0w-fat mince as you would for Tacos (ol el paso – yum), make some salsa from scratch (J’s salsa was amazing. I’ll have to get his recipe to post up here) and dump a few generous spoonfuls of each onto a bed of green salad.  Totally yummy. J had plain corn chips with his – it looked good, but mine was great!


  • 25 mins cycle to and from work

My grazing box turned out to be a horrid disaster today – the celery was stringy and gross.  The carrots tasted like nailpolish remover.  The pepper was pretty horrid too – no more sweet peppers I think, bell peppers from now on.

I did another day of Ribena – it makes the water go down much more easily, but I’m not convinced about whether it is doing more harm than good – even though I know that there’s less carbs in two litres of Very Light Ribena than there is in on single Muller Light.  The results on the scales this morning were inconclusive – I got bugger all exercise yesterday really, so it’s hard to say.  Much more today, what with cycling to work and an extra push on the walk – I took a longer route, and totalled 60 mins.  The ankle’s feeling a tad better, though not back to top-level fighting form yet. Note to self, don’t try going for a brisk walk straight after dinner – I got a nasty stitch. Ouch!

The taco salad we had tonight was delish.  Bless his little heart, J offered to forego the corn chips crushed through his in a show of solidarity.  I’d have none of it, but it was very sweet of him to offer. 😉

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  1. Posted by Dobsessed on August 10, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Salad sounds yum, will have to try it


  2. Posted by Bee on August 10, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Hi Charlotte

    Keep up the good work!

    You often mention eating lean beef sausages – where do you get these from? Hope you can help


    • Hi Bee,

      I get mine direct from the butcher round the corner – a custom order! Most traditional butchers will do this for you, if you order enough in bulk. I specified the kind of meat for the leanest cut, and insisted they showed me the braising steaks before they made the sausages.

      Good luck! 🙂


      • Posted by Bee on August 11, 2010 at 9:59 am

        Thanks for the reply – I shall check with my local butchers. Do you think the sausages would be the same as those classed as “Syn Free” for Slimmers World?
        X Bee

      • I’m not sure, Bee – I’ve not ever come across the Slimmers World Syn Free sausages. One thing I made sure I emphasised with my butcher was that I didn’t want them to put any breadcrumbs or grains in their sausages – some commercially bought sausages come with grainy “padding” to make their meat go further. That’s obviously a total no-no for us Dukaneers. What’s the carb count on the Syn Free sausages?

      • If you visit *Mr. Sausage’s website*:
        It says:

        We also have introduced Ashworths Virtually Fat Free products which are the ideal if you are on a diet or just watching your figure. In the sausages we have traditional pork, hot italian, Spring onion, garlic and ginger, french toulouse and many more. In fact I can make any sausage you require, just let me know. Italian kofta kebabs, spicy beef kofta kebabs, italian meat balls, spicy beef meat balls. Steak burgers and Chilli steak burgers with just salt and white pepper.

        All the Ashworths Virtually Fat Free range have a maximum 8g of fat per 454g of meat and this 8g will disappear on cooking. &
        Award winning sausage and suppliers of Slimming World Syn Free Sausage and Burgers

        TL;DR: Yes, Bee, you ought to be OK with Syn Free sausages, but call or email the man and check or pop into a Morrison’s and have a keek at the label.

  3. A few years ago, Edinburgh was named as the best place for Farmers’ markets, so plenty of opportunity to get organic, local stuff, and to talk to real farmers.

    Charlotte’s right about asking face-to-face; Dukan is pretty new, and the more people get asked, the more they can help us get the “good stuff”. Local butchers are there to be used, chat them up — much better than plastic-wrapped supermarket stuff.

    It is probably another of France’s best kept secrets — like the Dukan / Paris Diet itself — that French people shop daily, locally and on foot. They build a relationship with the shopkeepers that we have all-but-forgotten.

    I imagine butchers would be thrilled to see you regularly buying their stuff and getting thinner each time you came in! They’d soon get their Dukan Diet signs out and start doing the sausages as routine then wouldn’t they?


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