Cruise day 66 – EEK!

Morning weigh-in: 97.8

  • Daily GAIN 0.6kg/1.32lbs
  • Total lost 14.5kg/31.9lbs

Watercheck – 1.8l by 23.20pm plus 3 small glasses of wine


  • oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwave eggs
  • cup of tea


  • Chicken veggie stirfry with paprika, onion, cumin, chilli and whatever vege I could find in the fridge.  Not a huge success, but better than sandwiches…

Afternoon snack

  • Oh noes! I had some shortbread biscuits. They got the better of me, and now Natalie (my workmate who’s very supportive of the diet) is going to know cause she reads this blog!


  • Haggis neeps & tatties, lamb burger with chips, cheese & crackers.  Shut up, I know.


  • 15 mins to work (left my bike there)

So, obviously not a great day, food-wise.  A bit of a carb-fest, actually.  And next to no exercise.

But on the plus side, I helped my boss celebrate her baby shower, we had a LOVELY dinner at Whighams wine bar, then I saw a live highschool production of Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog.  Fantastic, in a really really awful way…

Here’s the story behind the shortbread biscuits:

I may have mentioned yesterday that today we were having a staff lunch and there would be sandwiches catered for us, so I brought my own lovely lunch instead (it was ok, but the recipe needs work).  What I didn’t count on was a) there being a lovely tray of baked goodies sitting on the table we were eating at, and b) having to sit there listening respectfully to my superiors, talking about things that I didn’t really know very much about – politics of the healthcare sector…  I’m an IT geek, not a politics geek.

So, these two factors added together meant that I spent about an hour, staring at the tray bakes.  My resolve is pretty good when I’m not exposed to bad stuff for very long.  I can see someone with an icecream go past and not cave.  I can walk past bad stuff in the supermarket, and so long as I keep walking, I’m fine.  But sitting there for an hour, with these baked yummies staring at me was just too much.

So, by the end of the meeting, I was hella cranky.  I think I took it out on Natalie a little bit.  Poor Natalie.  Say hi, commenters, to Natalie – my biggest diet ally. She bore my irritation today, which stemmed from a very emotional reaction to food which still exists in my mind.

Anyway. *sigh* There were some tray bakes left over after the meeting, and it was almost like I was doing to spite the part of me that was putting myself on a diet – I ate three biscuits.

Then later at dinner, I threw up my hands, stopped beating myself up and just decided to give myself a break for just one night – and just have some yummy food in a nice restaurant (a restaurant where there was no steak option – boo!)

Tomorrow, it’s back on the diet again.  I’m going to try to burn the excess carbs out of my system with a ride around town, perhaps up Arthurs Seat (a very big hill right in the middle of Edinburgh) and then we’re going for some hill-walking on Sunday.

Am fully prepared for a disappointing result on the scales tomorrow morning, but even if it just sets me back a week – what’s a week in the grand scheme of things?

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  1. Posted by Abi on August 21, 2010 at 4:16 am

    That’s the spirit! Just pick up yourself and carry on! It is not how many times you trip over but how many times you pick yourself up that matters.
    Keep at it.


    • Posted by Abi on August 21, 2010 at 4:47 am

      PS. perhaps next time, when you know the lunch, you can make similar Dukan stuff and take a huge lunch box, e.g Dukan bread sandwiches, chocolate and/ or lemon muffins and some oat bran cookies. Do you bake? There are loads of recipes and if you have a blender it’s a whizz! I just throw all ingredients in, starting with the liquids, whizz then bake.
      Here’s a bread recipe that works a treat (I adapted it from the one put on the Dukan facebook site by Madre Engelbrecht Theron).

      Oven Baked Dukan Bread (Oat bran: 6 servings on Attack; 4 servings on Cruise and 3 servings on Consolidation)

      9tbs or 140g oat bran,
      9tbs or 45g wheat bran,
      2x 7g sachets of Sainsbury’s yeast
      18 tbsp skimmed milk
      10 tbsp skimmed milk powder
      5 eggs
      150g Sainsbury’s Quark
      2tbsp low fat plain yoghurt
      1 loaf baking tin
      I loaf tin greaseproof liner

      Mix yeast and luke warm skimmed milk. Put all ingredients in mixer/ blender (start with liquids first). Mix thoroughly.

      Bake in oven for 10 mins at 200F then reduce to 180 for 30 min.
      After 5 minutes cooling, remove from tin and leave to cool on a wire rack (in the greaseproof case)

      Nutritional Information going by raw components I used:

      Component carbs protein fibre fat Sat fat salt
      140g oat bran 68.18g 20.72g 21.28g 13.58g 2.24g trace
      45g wheat bran 9.765g 5.85g 20.61g 1.755g 0.315g trace
      14g yeast 2.534g 6.65g 1.372g
      115g skimmed milk 13.5g 9.18g – 0.81g trace 0.378
      130g skmd milk pwdr 68.77g 46.93 0g 0.78g 0.52g 0.78g
      5 eggs 1.5g 23.5g 0g 18.5g 5.5g
      150g Quark 7.65g 19.95g nil 0.3g 0.3g 0.15g
      2tbsp plain yoghurt 2.4g 1.68g nil 0.033g 0.033g 0.076g
      total 174.299 134.46 41.89 37.13 8.908 1.384
      Per serving on Attack 29.0g 22.41 6.98g 6.19g 1.48g 0.23g
      Per serving on Cruise 43.6g 33.6g 10.5g 9.3g 2.2g 0.35g
      Per serv Consolidation 58.1g 44.8g 13.96g 12.4g 2.97g 0.46g

      Many of the carb calories are from the skimmed milk so you may just use less bread per day and have your remaining oatbran with yoghurt to balance off.


      • Posted by Abi on August 21, 2010 at 5:16 am

        Lastly, It gives 12 thick slices so 2 slices on attack: I slice = ¾ tbsp oat bran; 3 slices on cruise : I slice = 2/3 tbsp oat bran and 4 slices on consolidation: I slice =3/4 tbsp of oat bran.
        I never have more than 2 slices a day…I make open sandwiches with quark as a spread then smoked salmon/ mackerel, a lettuce leaf on PV days.
        It is versatile.

      • OMG Abi – I am SO trying that bread! I have all those ingredients in the cupboard, I’m doing it today. Thanks for the tip – I’ve seen recipes for microwave bread which really didn’t appeal – I much prefer oven baked bread. I have a bread-maker in fact, I wonder how well it would work, putting all the ingredients in the breadmaker… Maybe I’ll do two batches at the same time – one in the oven and one in the breadmaker. 🙂

  2. Posted by Abi on August 21, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Let us know how it goes… and leave some for future days!


  3. Thanks for sharing that Abi, I will have to pop out and get some yeast and give that a go!


  4. […] I’ll actually pointedly look away.  You know what happened to me the other day with the shortbread.  So going for a walk after having been forced to think about jam donuts – a massive […]


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