Progress in numbers!

Just a simple progress update – here’s where my weightloss per week  stands, at the end of every week so far (the week runs Tuesday to Tuesday, so it doesn’t count the loss from this week so far):

Week 1 – 3.4
Week 2 – 0.8
Week 3 – 0.9
Week 4 – 1.1
Week 5 – 1.6
Week 6 – 1.3
Week 7 – 1.1
Week 8 – 1.8
Week 9 – 1.0
Week 10 – 1.4

Noone could look at that and be unhappy with their progress – a loss of over a kg almost every week, except the first two weeks of cruise, which is to be expected (also, that was the week of my bike accident so I was getting next-to-no exercise)

Even two weeks ago at the end of week 9, when I was feeling despondent about my “plateau” – I’d still lost a kg in the week.

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