Cruise day 72 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 96.7kgs

  • Daily GAIN 0.3kg/0.66lbs
  • Total lost 15.6kg/34.32lbs

Watercheck –1.8l by 20.45am


  • oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • 2 lean beef sausages
  • cup of tea


  • Half chicken at Nandos


  • Burger pattie from a Well Hung and Tender burger (yum!)


  • 90 minutes fast paced walking into town, back from town, around the festival with Josh
  • 7 minutes hard riding on my bike when I was about to be late for a show! (puff puff puff)
  • UPDATE: After publishing this, I felt like I’d still not properly “connected” with my commitment through daily dedicated exercise, so I headed out and got a good 60 minute late-night walk around the Meadows.  So I’ve now done 150mins walking today!

As expected, a gain on the scales today – PV days after all that PP often have that reaction.  In fact, I’ll not be surprised if I have a similar mini plateau now like I did at the beginning of my diet, but I’m just gonna keep on plugging through it.

I went into town today to do a bit of clothes shopping – I’ve not bought any clothes since I started the Dukan Diet.  When I first started, I was a large size 22. I was starting to get to the stage when 24s might have been more appropriate (which was one of the reasons I had to do something about it all – I had to lose the weight!!)

After a few weeks, my size 22 clothes started to fit a little better, and then eventually they became a bit baggy.  I started belting my tops in, wearing some particularly “skinny” tops (relatively speaking of course) but it’s now at the stage where a lot of my clothes are baggy – not all, but some.

So I decided to head into town and see which part of the rack I had to look at now for clothes.  It’s so confusing, like being in a foreign country looking for shoes, when you don’t know what size you are.  I ended up grabbing 22s, 20s and 18s of everything I wanted to try on – the lady in the dressing room looked at me a little strangely.

I’m pleased to say that the 20s fit perfectly, and the 18s are wearable, though perhaps a little snug.  I even squeezed into a size 16 dress that I’ve been drooling over for months now.  They only had one left in stock, on the sale rack, and it was a size 16.  It’s now sitting in my cupboard, incentive for me to get down to a size where I can wear it! 😉

So, I ended up coming home with a size 20 top for now, a cute size 18 ladies teeshirt (yay for two reasons – I’ve not looked good in a ladies tee for ages, and the print is a totally cute supergirl logo) and my size 16 dress, the one I’ve been drooling over.  The day I can fit into that size 16 dress comfortably is going to be a happy day.  I’ll even share a photo that day, perhaps! 🙂

7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dobsessed on August 27, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Great job Charlotte!

    I haven’t been clothes shopping at all and am now slowly fitting into my old clothes but I have a wedding to attend in October and the dress is ‘formal’ so I’m hoping to fit into this formal dress I bought 2 years ago and was never able to wear (tad too tight)…now, waaaaaaay too tight and wear that dress to the wedding 🙂

    Yee-Shin x


    • Wa-hey! Good luck Yee-Shin! What do you think, d’you think you’ll make it in time? October’s ages away in the grand scheme of Dukan-dieting! 🙂


      • Posted by Dobsessed on August 28, 2010 at 2:13 am

        I know! I’ve been doing so badly the last few days too because I just have no motivation to get out of the house to buy groceries or to exercise and all I want is comfort food! I’m hoping when I get over this flu, it’s renewed resolve.

        I tries on that dress today (still has the tags on it) and I’m faaaaaar from fitting into it.

  2. Posted by Jo on August 31, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    hey charlotte. really chuffed for your weight loss mate. very impressive. wot a feeling eh, shopping for smaller sizes. well done. i have no doubt at all that u will be in that size 16 dress in no time – goodluck, and look 4wd to that picture!! xx
    ps. excellent blog. x


    • OMG, I know – totally brilliant! 😉 How’re you doin’?


      • I’m doing well thanks charlotte.
        i have lost 2 stone now on the DD – nearly 3.5 altogether. Finally into a size 14 (never been there before) – gone are the size 18/20’s – never to return!!
        i feel fab – i am back into my running – just passed my annual fitness test with 2 minutes to spare – not done that in 19 years in the army!!
        i am just gonna shift the extra 3 pounds to make it a full 3.5 stone then i will go onto consolidate – very carefully!! if i’m honest, i dont want to!! i am loving cruising along and best of all – i’m good at it! still, we have to move on and i will make a good job of consolidation – i will keep you posted when i start doing it.
        my dieting journey started on 9 Jan – so thats nearly 7 months – the last 4 months on DD.
        i admire your dedication, charts, mapping water intake, exact Kg losses etc!! it obviously works for you – i’m really chuffed for you mate. How much more do you want to lose before you consolidate?
        its been nice following your blog – i dont always make comments but i do come on each day to see how you get on!! i also enjoy Simons Forum, although it seems to be getting over run with Ozzies – they have their own chat thing going on and they all seem to know and live near each other!!
        anyway charlotte, take care mate and keep doing wot u r doing !!!
        Thats the festival finished now eh – Edinburgh will soon get back to normal!! i enjoyed coming in from Livingston to watch the street entertainers – specially when the sun was shining – all the best. xx

      • Hurray for a size 14 – I can’t even imagine how great it’ll be to be there!! 😉

        Nice job on the fitness test passing with 2 minutes to spare – that’s brilliant! I’m so impressed with the 3.5st loss – I’m down 2.6st now – I have another 45lbs to go before reaching my target weight.

        I hear you on the whole over-run with Aussies thing. Not that I can complain, given that I kinda contribute to that myself, being one of those Aussies overrunning Edinburgh! 😉

        I can’t wait to hear your Consolidation stories – definitely keep me posted!

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