Cruise day 84 – sick, normal PV-PP doesn’t apply!

Weigh in 93.9 – no change

Just a mini blog entry for Day 84.  I’ve been sick with this horrid headcold, so I didn’t stick to the diet – I did transgress a little, had some nougat and peanut butter with celery.  Oh, and some shortbread.  And I had vegetables when it should have been a PV day.  I managed over 2l of water, but most of that was No Added Sugar Ribena (Vitamin C, yay.)

I also didn’t even leave the house, let alone get any exercise – I could barely trudge to the loo, let alone go striding around on my lightning blue shape-ups.

So altogether, not a “perfect day” diet wise.

But guess what? I’m really not fussed.  I knew my weight would go back up again the next day, but through the snot-filled curtain of blarg, I couldn’t bring myself to care.  So I have a day or two of backsliding – that’s the beauty of this diet, it’s not hard to jump back on the wagon.

Give me a few day’s grace to get back on track properly, and I’ll be down in the 92s before you can say “atCHOO!”


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  1. hey charlotte. you rest up – and like you said, you can hop straight back on when you feel better. poor you – hope your J is giving you lots of attention and sympathy. here, have a hug <> – take care hun – you are a star, you will be back on track in no time – xxx


    • Hiya Jo,

      J is indeed being sympathetic – yesterday he even let me have the cat sleep on the bed with me, which is usually a no-no, as he’s mildly allergic and having the cat sleep on the bed would equal a bad night’s sleep for him.

      Thanks for the hugs, I’m feeling better already. Yay for sudafed! 😉



  2. Posted by Jeanette on September 8, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Hi Charlotte
    I hope you feel better soon…………..
    Did you eat the nougat and peanut butter with the celery – interesting!!!!:-))
    I have not tried that.
    You’ll be back on track in no time – no point exercising when you are unwell, your body needs to get better.
    Have a good day and you are doing so well!!!


    • LOL! No, sorry, I should have been clearer. I had some nougat, and then I had some peanut butter and celery. I didn’t have them together… 😉

      Feeling a bit better today, but am still a snot monster!



  3. Posted by Jeanne on September 8, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Sorry you’re sick! BUT YOU HIT 40 LBS!!!!! Congratulations! I’ve been knee-deep in grandkids here at Alyssa’s — can’t even finish a cup of coffee! But I knew I’d come back to your blog and find that you’d passed that HUGE milestone! I just thought I’d see lots of hats & horns & hoopla celebrating — but you’ve been too sick to enjoy it, poor baby! I hope you get clear enough to really appreciate what you’ve done!

    When you’re better I want to skype or something — I have questions.

    Take care!



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