Cruise day 87 – supplemental PP

Morning weigh-in: 94.6kgs

  • Daily GAIN 0.2kg/ 0.44lbs
  • Total lost 17.7kg/38.94lbs

Watercheck – 2.4l


  • oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • Cup of tea

Morning snack

  • cup of tea


  • 2 grilled chicken breasts with a teensy bit of “salsa as garnish”

Afternoon snack

  • Mini babybel light


  • Pork mince inspired by Yee-Shin’ San Choy Bao recipe.  I chucked a whole stack of different spices (turmeric, cumin, dried chilli, and a few others) in with a few slices of onion, crushed garlic and some lean pork mince.  I also chucked in some soy sauce, and a few drops of concentrated liquid chicken stock.  TASTY!


  • 25 mins cycling around town
  • 60 min walk around the Meadows

Something about my breakfast this morning had me feeling distinctly “fat”.  I think I’ve just been having one of those days, y’know. Especially as I’m up again this morning on the scales.  So much for my philosophical attitude yesterday.  So much for the cross trainer.  That’s it, I’m going back to my daily walking – it helps me feel connected to the diet while I was doing it.

Today’s walking with the ShapeUps was DEFINITELY harder than with normal shoes.  I’m still on the fence as to whether they’re going to make a difference, but I’ll keep you posted.  I suspect I also need to watch the DVD that came with them – I gather there’s a special way of walking in them which REALLY gives you the work out.

Not sure I’ll make it down again tomorrow morning – I’m feeling really bloated and sluggish.  Ugh.

2 responses to this post.

  1. stick wiv it mate. your body will be recovering from your illness. give it chance.
    keep being our model dukan dieter and it will all even out.
    rooting for you charlotte.
    i had another 2lb off thismorning. chuffed to bits. i’m nearly there – consolidation isnt far off!
    njoy ur weekend. be good. xx


  2. Wahey, another 2lbs this morning – good on ya! 🙂

    My body is officially over this cold thing – I was down 2.5lbs this morning, and I’m now JUST past the halfway mark – hurray!

    You have a great weekend too, luv!



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