Cruise day 88 – PP

Morning weigh-in: 93.5kgs

  • Daily LOSS 1.1kg/ 2.42lbs
  • Total lost 18.8kg/41.36lbs

Watercheck – 1.7l


  • oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • a bit of leftover pork mince
  • Cup of tea


  • More savory mince inspired by Yee-Shin.  Better not start eating this all the time or I’ll put myself off it like I did turkey!


  • 50 min walk around the Old Town, up and down lots of hills (but having to slow down to dodge tourist crowds, curse them)
  • 45 min walk around the Meadows

Oh wow! Guess I was retaining water while I was sick, hey? It’s almost as if I’m down to where I should have been had I not put on the weight over the last few days.

The savory mince today was another hit – J said it tasted just like Old El Paso taco packet mix – but without all the extra carbs and additives.  Practically a carb-free meal, with the exception of the teaspoon of cornflour I put in the mix to thicken things up a bit.  I’ll have to post my version of the recipe, cause I did a few things different from Yee-Shin’s version, to make it more taco-ey.

And now, for the BIG NEWS for today:


Yep, I’ve lost 18.8kgs, and I have 18.5kgs to go.  *snoopy dance*

I’m also in spitting distance of having lost 3 stone, just .3kg, or .66lbs to go!  Wish me luck…

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  1. Posted by Jeanette on September 11, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Well done Charlotte!!!
    I can’t wait until I get to half way. Please post the recipe of the mince when you have time.
    You have done so well – you are inspiring me – thank you!!!


    • Hi Jeanette! Mince recipe incoming! Maybe I’ll make some more today and get photos… 😉

      Thanks for the kind words! How’s your progress doing?

      Charlotte x


  2. Posted by Sara on September 11, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Good luck – not that you need it,


  3. Hey hey! Well done on passing halfway. Must have been a false ceiling after all, so now that you’re through it and the fluid’s gone, you’ll be back to your usual loss pattern. People MUST have noticed by now, you MUST have had to buy new clothes (or managed to fit into old clothes)? Do you think you have lost it more from one place over another? ( I lost a lot from my face straightaway, which was noticed). Have you thrown away the old BIG clothes — or are you holding onto them in case? How’s J doing? Has he lost much during all this? Does he eat the same Dukan food as you (but maybe with “extras”)? Has he found it challenging?



    • Hullo hullo!

      Yes, lots of people have noticed, and have said lovely things. I lost from my face straight away too – that was the first thing anyone noticed. I have cheekbones now! 🙂

      Most of my clothes no longer fit unless I belt them in. Teeshirts that used to be slightly tight are totally baggy. NONE of my jeans fit anymore, I’ve not even bothered trying any of them on, and I’m not buying any more until I’m in the mid 80s or so.

      I’ve actually been a bit reticent to buy new clothes – it seems a shame to spend money on size 18s, when I’m going to be a size 16 or maybe even 14 before the end of the year. I’m thinking that this will all coincide with post-Christmas sales, so I might be able to pick up some bargains then.

      J’s doing well – he’s got his own health thing going on, and isn’t obsessed with the numbers on the scales like I am. He’s stepped up his exercise with the summer, and has definitely come down a few pounds, not that he really needs to. We often eat together these days (and he’ll have some “extras” but every now and then we’ll agree to “do our own thing.”



  4. Posted by Mitzi on September 12, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Well Done ..

    Charlotte …. Keep doing that ‘snoopy dance’ & the pounds will drop off !


  5. Posted by Dobsessed on September 12, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Welllll done!!! Maybe I should do like a 3 day pure protein?


    • Hullo m’dear!

      If you reckon you need it, I say go for it! So long as you’re getting the nutrients you need, and don’t stay on PP for too long, I can’t see the harm in it. I always try to step my exercise up a notch on mini-attack phases too.

      G’luck! And thanks for all the cooking inspiration! 🙂



  6. Yay, congratulations on your great loss so far 🙂
    I´ve been reading your blog for a while and it actually made me start my own blog, just for myself as a diary for my Dukan journey. I kind of built it on your blog since I liked the way you set things up, I hope you don´t mind… Good luck with the rest of your loss !

    Greatings from the Netherlands 🙂


    • Hi Bella!

      Nice job on the weightloss so far – I’ve linked to your blog from mine.

      And of course, I don’t mind at all with your blog setup – I’m glad you find it as logical as me! 🙂 I like your added touch, putting in your tolerated foods.

      Keep in touch! 😉

      Charlotte x


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