Cruise days 91 & 92

I had two days off the Dukan Diet yesterday and the day before. (OK, and the day before that too, I suppose) Despite being off the diet, I still recorded my morning weigh-ins – 93.7 kgs for both days.  I’ll post morning weigh-in for today, day 93, tonight with my food log.

I had friends staying, and I had carby stuff – nothing outrageous (aside from those five pints of beer on Tuesday) but definitely enough to knock me out of ketosis, raise my glycogen levels and the accompanying water that goes with all that.  Fortunately I got oodles of exercise yesterday – I rode my bike ALL over Edinburgh with my guests.

So, result being that I’m up 1.5 kgs (3.3lbs) since Monday, which is not an altogether bad result.  Another 3 day attack and I’ll be back into Ketosis again, and hopefully I’ll be back into the 92s by the end of next week.  I’ve not had my daily walk in what feels like AAAAGES, so I’m quite looking forward to throwing on the walking shoes and pounding the pavement around the Meadows tonight.

My next mini-goal is to get to 89.9, and I’d hope to get there by Friday Oct 8th. My mum’s coming to visit that week, so hopefully I’ll be able to celebrate with her (and celebration no longer entails pizza. Honest.)

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  1. Charlotte I really admire you that when you stumble you just get right up and carry on. I get really depressed and disappointed in myself but you seem to have an amazing ability to accept your hiccups and just get on with it. It’s very inspiring!


    • Hehe… I tell you what Claire – my progess spreadsheet is what helps me keep perspective. It helps me see other times in the diet where I might not have been going so well (times which I might have forgotten about) and reminds me that I got past them too!

      It also helps, knowing that most of the weight I put on over the last few days is really just water. Day-to-day fluctuation isn’t really important, it’s the downwards trend which makes the difference! 🙂

      Chin up, hun! I just posted a lecture on your blog about how well you’re doing and how “normal” loss doesn’t apply to short-arses like yourself… 😉


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