Cruise day 109 – PV

Morning weigh-in: 91.2kgs

  • Daily GAIN 0.2kgs / 0.44lbs
  • Total lost 21.1kg/ 46.42lbs

Watercheck – 1.8l


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs with 1 extra white
  • mug of coffee


  • Thai salmon fishcakes
  • smoked salmon roulards with garlic and herb creamcheese (I gotta share this snacky recipe too, it’s totally simple!)

Afternoon snack

  • Mini babybel light


  • Roast beef with roast pumpkin and a small piece of roast potato
  • Glass of wine x too many
  • EEK! TWO fat-free sugar-free fruit yoghurts.  Oh well, I guess if we’re going to be bad with the wine, might as well go all out on the tolerateds too…


  • 65 mins walking to and from shops, plus about an hour standing up browsing clothes

I’m not really too fussed about having gone up by 200g this morning.  It wasn’t a totally perfect day yesterday, and what with the vege today when it should be a protein day, plus of course the glass of wine, it’s not been a perfect day today either, though my exercise levels were up at least.

Good news in the shops today – I went to try on (but not buy!) boots in M&S, and it looks like my calves are now pretty much fitting standard shop sized boots.  I can’t begin to describe how ecstatic this makes me!!  No more buying naff boots from Evans or horridly expensive boots from Duo (who do wider fit boots) – I’m really starting to be able to shop for “normal” stuff (not that I’m buying anything!)

Also, I went to try on a size 18 tunic dress, only to find that it was actually too BIG!  Of course, the size 16 was too small, so I’m in a fashion limboland just now.  Again, I’m not too fussed by all this, but you should see my wardrobe.  I had a massive cleanout the other day, tried on everything and donated to charity anything that looked too baggy even with a belt. Even my elastic wide belt is starting to get a bit loose…  Anyway, my wardrobe is starting to look a little bare – lots of empty hangers!!

Not so good with the food today (pretty much FOUR helpings of tolerateds), though I’m really happy with my new recipes – I’ve found a new way to have smoked salmon which makes me happy, and gives me a new Dukan friendly hors d’oevre (or “horses doofers” as we say in my family)  I’ll make some more tomorrow and take photos of the method.

As for the wine – I blame the roast.  It was the first time I’d done a roast beef, so I thought it needed celebrating, of course! 🙂  The roast pumpkins were delicious.  More of those please!

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jeanette on October 3, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    It must have been so cool in the shop with the boots and the tunic dress. It is such a great feeling – WELL DONE CHARLOTTE. Soon even the 16 will be too big for you. Oh the Salmon fishcakes sound divine!!! I wonder if it would work with tinned salmon???
    Well done again and have a good day tomorrow.


    • Hiya Jeanette!

      I am 100% positive that these fishcakes would work BRILLIANTLY with tinned salmon! If you can get your hands on fresh lemongrass and coriander, I guarantee that these will become one of your new all-fave dishes. They are SERIOUSLY tasty!! 🙂

      I may be under the influence of cosmopolitans when I write this, but can I say I LOVE YOU and your fabulous progress! I’m off to say the same to the rest of Our Fellow Dukaneers… but it comes from the heart. You guys are the people who keep me motivated more than anything else. Mwa mwa!!!


      • Posted by Jeanette Correia on October 6, 2010 at 3:57 pm

        Thanks Charlotte – you guys keep me going as well. It is funny that we are all over the world but doing the same thing.
        mwa to you too

  2. The real results are in the things like this. Boots, dresses, jeans.

    Don’t sweat the wine, 100ml of wine has 3g carbs, that’s well over a bottle, by the way — not the wee bit extra you had. Calorie-wise, alcohol is never quite as bad as you think; wine is 740 kcal/litre, and beer is 320 kcal/litre. A pint of beer is 0.473 litres, so a pint of beer is 151 kcal. A glass of wine is what, about a quarter of a bottle, at 185 kcal.?

    Translating into fat, 1kg is 7000 kcals, if we remember correctly, so if you drank a whole bottle of wine — that’s 700 ml or 70 per cent of 740 kcal = 518 kcal. this is just 0.074kg or 74 g of fat!!

    We have a friend who is departing form the Dukan this weekend to drink about 12 pints of beer in an annual beer festival! He will drink 12 x 151 kcal — or 1812 kcal, that’s a daily allowance right there, but it translates to 1812/7000 = 0.3 kg on the scales for the beer alone.

    Of course, the rest of the day’s intake would have to be factored in, but you get the scale of things form this — the odd drink is not gonna kill ya!

    (And well done)


    • Hullo dearestes Ruth and Dave,

      You’re quite right. Meh. Alchohol. If it gives you the buzz like this every now and then, it’s gotta be worth it, right? If I’ve not said it yet, let me say it now – you guys have been a total touchstone to me throughout this whole experience. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your incredibly motivational progress, and having you share in my highs and lows, and I’m so glad that we’ve all found each other. I really hope you can join us for SGODs – I’m emailling you shortly with details!! 🙂



      • Aw, dead nice, Charlotte. Don’t forget the inspiration you are right here right now.

        Look, if you do not get into teeenie-wee jeans at the end of this, it’ll be the end of us! We are so seriously excited for you as this diet really seems to work; we did it, we know quite a few people who have done it and got a result. So you ARE gonna do it — we really believe that, and we know well that the highs and lows of life can spoil things sometimes, but still, this diet just keeps on working as long as you just kinda do it more or less.

        If we’ve played even an eentsieweetsie part in helping you or anyone else on this venture, then we are blessed, proud, pleased (and expecting karma credits come the day when we really need them)! Spread the love!

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