Cruise days 116 & 117 – PV

Saturday weigh-in: 90.2kgs

Today (Sunday) weigh-in 90.9kgs

  • Total lost 21.5kg/ 47.3lbs

Watercheck – 1.3l


  • Full cooked breakfast with lean sausage, scrambled egg, grilled tomato, baked beans, hash brown & toast.  I was hung over, I think it was required! 😉
  • 2x mugs of coffee with milk and sweetener

Afternoon snack

  • Chocolate fat-free dessert


  • Roast duck breast (with all the fat cut away) with strips of raw spring onion
  • Chocolate custard pudding (made with a tablespoon of Birds custard powder and skim milk)
  • Mini babybel light


  • 20 mins Wii fit exercise (though all the faffing around took about 30 mins!)
  • 75min walk around the Meadows
  • 30 mins weights work out at the gym (lower body)
  • 4 sun salutations before bed

I’ll be honest, I can’t exactly say I’ve been a model Dukanian these past couple of days – I’ve had more alcohol than probably the entire rest of the diet put together.  Yesterday I had a tortilla wrap with full fat sour cream, plus about 10 chocolate caramels and a few jelly sweeties – we had friends round and there was a party going on across the hallway which we dropped in on. This morning I was a little hungover, and ended up having a hashbrown, a slice of bread and some baked beans with my “normal” breakfast.

Bad Charlotte.  No cookie. (not that I should be having cookies anyway…)

Anyway.  I woke up this morning and randomly kinda squeezed the side of my thigh in bed, and it was the wierdest thing.  It was all… loose.  Kinda like a beanbag that’s had all it’s beans taken out – which is really exactly what’s happened I guess.  I made J poke my thigh and he agreed.  All loose.  So, it’s time to start concentrating not only on losing the weight, but also on toning what’s under all the “padding”.  I’m going attempt to get 30 mins weights workout at the gym three times per week, concentrating exclusively either on upper or lower body each time. Today was lower body, but I think I need to hire a trainer for a session just to give me advise on which machines to use and how to perfect my technique – it’s been a while since I did weights.

Roast duck breast this evening was a special treat – I know that it’s supposedly off the menu because of the fat content, but I roasted it on a grill pan, and then discarded every bit of skin and fat from mine (though J had his with mini pancakes Chinese style, fat skin and all – yum!) so I think I’m ok.  I’ll know by tomorrow whether it was too high in fat, cause I had a Xenical with it!!! 😉

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  1. Posted by Cornelia on October 11, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Hi Charlotte.
    My hubby and I have just finished day 5 of the attack stage. I have lost 3.8 kilos and hubby has lost 3.6. We are both very happy with those results. We are going to try at least one more day of PP and then we will start on the PV cruise stage. I am very adventurous with food and love trying to make it tasty for my man. He has been spoilt over the last 20 years of marriage and so dieting is a dirty word, but he has enjoyed all the food this week as I have made an extra effort to make it not look like a diet! 🙂 Last night I made a curry with kangaroo mince (99% fat free) with lots of chilli and garlic and spices and a yoghurt raita and the galette as a roti/naan. Very yum! I took pics. I don’t have a blog but I would love to follow yours so I have a daily boost. Kind regards, Cornelia


    • Hiya Cornelia!

      Well done for your great progress in Attack! I wish we could get hold of kangaroo mince here in the UK – back in Oz it wouldn’t have been an issue.

      Enjoy the food thing – and don’t forget one of the most important elements: WALKING! Walking is absolutely essential to the effectiveness of this method!

      Good luck, and keep in touch! 🙂

      Charlotte x


  2. Argh! Gonny hurry up and get into the 80s!

    We’ve got a nice bottle of wine sitting there just waiting for the post that breaks the news!

    Just… GET A MOVE ON!!



    • Hehe… Ye cannae rush these things! 😉 Weights training on Sunday has stymied what the scales say, but it’s all good – I know the fat is being burnt off too, even if the muscles are retaining water to help heal the minor damage I did to them on Sunday.

      Gimme a week. That bottle of wine’ll be drunk by the end of next week, max.

      (hopefully!) 😉



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