Cruise day 118 – PP

Morning weigh-in 91.5kgs

  • Daily GAIN .7kgs/ 1.74lbs
  • Total lost 20.8kg/ 45.76lbs

Watercheck – 2.3l


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • mug of tea

Morning snacks

  • Fat-free natural Activia (best natural yoghurt I’ve found so far!) with sweetener
  • 2 slices of lean ham


  • Chicken fajita pieces
  • slices of ham

Afternoon snack

  • Chocolate custard pudding (made with a tablespoon of Birds custard powder and some cocoa powder – this is all my tolerateds in one snack – but such a goooood snack! 🙂 )


  • Venison steak
  • some home-made chocolate low-fat sugar-free icecream.  Still needs work…


  • 45 min walk around the Meadows
  • 20 mins on the Wii – mostly doing yoga stretching and breathing.

Not such a good day today on the scales, but a good day food-wise.  The bounce-back on the scales is possibly partly attributable to my naughtiness on Saturday, but I think the most likely culprit is the weights training I did yesterday.  I’m a bit sore today after my gym session yesterday, but in a good way.  My muscles are very much aware that they’ve been worked, and tomorrow the upper body will get some treatment.  All the reading I’ve done has confirmed that sore muscles from a weights training session is likely to increase water retention the next day, and possibly even out to the day after that, so I can’t say I’m overly upset by the results on the scales this morning.

I have given up on making custard with egg-yolks – it’s just far too labour intensive, and no matter HOW much I stir, and HOW low I keep the heat, I always end up with lumpy bits.  I’ve gone back to Birds, which is higher in carbs, lower in fat, but MUCH easier to make.  I just need to make sure that I have airtight tupperware containers ready and waiting before I start making it, as the skin has a propensity to turn lumpy, which ruins the taste.

My mum suggested a genius suggestion for my chocolate custard, to give it a bit of a zing – add about a half teaspoon of instant coffee powder to it just before serving/packing away!  Wow, it makes SUCH a difference – you don’t really taste the coffee per se, but it makes the chocolate flavour from the cocoa that much *deeper*.  Seriously tasty.  Try this at home, kids! 😉

I also finally managed more than 2 litres of water, after days and days of being lax.  Must keep this up!

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