Cruise day 119 – PP

Morning weigh-in 90.7kgs

  • Daily LOSS 0.8kgs/ 1.76lbs
  • Total lost 21.6kg/ 47.52lbs

Watercheck – 2.8l


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • 1 lean beef sausage
  • mug of tea


  • Chicken fajita pieces
  • 1 slice of ham
  • 3 lean beef sausages
  • salsa & creme fraiche dip

Afternoon snack

  • Chocolate custard pudding (again made with Birds)


  • Grilled chicken seasoned with curry powder and chinese five-spice, just essperymentin’.  It wasn’t too bad…


  • 25 min cycle to and from work
  • 35 min walk around the Meadows and to Tesco & back
  • 30 mins weight training at the gym – all upper body today.  On the advice of my long-time blog sensei, Webmaster Matt, I did free weights rather than machines – deadlifts, triceps, biceps, bench press and lateral shoulder lift thingies.
  • 10 mins on the Wii – mostly doing yoga stretching and breathing.

Yay for a nice drop on the scales today, despite the desperately stiff muscles today (especially, strangely, in my upper inner thigh area. I guess that would be the groin, yes.) I’ve had a nice diversified day, exercise wise, but I’m so aware of just how much TIME this all takes.  The only thing that saves me time is the 25 min cycle to and from work, but if I incorporated that as my daily walk then I’d have more time in the evenings.  But then I wouldn’t get my excellent quad workout on Edinburgh’s hills!

I’m kinda getting into the Wii Fit thing too, but it’s a bit frustrating how broken up the whole thing is, and how I have to “unlock” things like a proper Sun Salutation (which I’ve still not done, so I’ve ended up turning off the Wii and doing my own Salutation from what I remember from yoga classes back in Oz.  I’m sure it’s all wrong – maybe I should just go find myself a beginner’s yoga class here in Edinburgh – I know there are some nearby! 😉

Back onto a couple of days of PV tomorrow – I have plans for a kick arse chicken stirfry tomorrow evening, making good use of the chinese five-spice that we got a while back.  Random veggies here we come! 🙂

5 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice drop on the scales today! Good job! And its GREAT that you’re doing weight training. You’re going to feel a big difference.


    • Yeah, I sure do feel a difference – my muscles are KILLING me! And the scales aren’t bending to my will anymore (though I knew that this would be the consequence)



  2. Posted by Jeanette on October 13, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    wow – great drop on the scales. Well done.
    You do so much exercise, I am ashamed to say that I am still pathetic about exercising!
    Have you posted the chocolate custard recipe yet? Did I miss it????
    It sounds yummy so if you have not posted it yet, please…..pretty please……….


    • Ach, you’ve shamed me into it – Chocolate Custard Pudding recipe is now posted. It’s pretty simple really – more technique than ingredients. It’s just custard made like it says to on the back of the custard tin, but adding cocoa and sweetener rather than sugar.


  3. So obviously we were watching some food porn (Nigella, again obviously), and we saw her do Praised Chicken and reckoned it could be adapted for Dukan easily enough.

    Tell you what – – wow! that is one of the most delicious things we have ever eaten.

    Note also that we have never ever made a TV recipe in our lives.

    This was our first, and we did it by the book, BUT seriously, this could be so Dukan.

    This has already become the benchmark chicken dish in our house, and when the kids are older, they’ll probably thing it to be some old family recipe handed down by wizened old wummin as some rites of passage and coming of age. We’re keeping schtum!


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