Cruise day 126 – PP

Morning weigh-in 90.4kgs

  • Daily GAIN 0.1kgs/ 0.22lbs
  • Total lost 22.9kg/ 48.4lbs

Watercheck – 2.4l


  • Oatbran porridge
  • mug of tea

Morning snack

  • lean beef burger pattie


  • Chicken fajita nuggets
  • lean beef burger pattie x2
  • lean beef sausages x2

Afternoon snack

  • Natural yoghurt with a little sweetener
  • mini babybel light
  • Chocolate wafer biscuit x3 (feeling annoyed at the world, shuddup)


  • 2 slices pastrami


  • 25 minute cycle to and from work
  • 90 minutes on the cross trainer (yes, you heard me – Nine-Zero minutes. Totally knackered now)
  • 1-2 deep squats every time I went to the printer (probably 15 squats altogether)

An emotional day today.  My workday consisted of some challenging meetings with external people, plus I think I’m a bit pre-menstrual.  I’m suffering from major Seasonal Affective Disorder today as well – it was dark when I woke up, it’ll be almost dark when I get home, plus J just finished his stint working from home (which he’s been doing for the last few months) so now I’m not enjoying the thought of arriving home to an empty house.  Well, empty but for the Lovely Link Kitty, who is always delighted to see me if he’s been on his own all day.

So my chocolate wafer biscuit thing came from an emotional place today.  It doesn’t help that looking over my spreadsheet, I’ve only really lost 2.5kgs over the last 4 weeks.  Despite my 89.9kg triumph on Sunday, I’m still in a bit of  a funk.

Hence the the 90 mins on the cross trainer at the gym today, followed by not-much-for-dinner.  Not hungry. Totally spent now. Time for bed, mwa!

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