Cruise day 139 – PP

Morning weigh-in 89.9kgs

  • Daily loss – nothing.
  • Total lost 22.4kg/ 49.28lbs

Watercheck – 2.5l including tea, coffee, diluting juice, water and caffeine free diet coke.


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • mug of tea

Morning snack

  • Mug of coffee with sweetener
  • Chicken breast meat
  • Cheese crisp


Afternoon snack

  • Mug of coffee with sweetener


  • 2x lean spicy pork burgers
  • cheese crisp


  • 25 mins cycle to and from work
  • 30 mins on cross trainer

Well, at least I’m not UP on the scales this morning, after the halloween candy blow-out last night.  Hurray for exercise to counter naughtiness.

I read an interesting article on the BBC this morning about calories – basically saying that the method used to calculate calories is 200 years old and is not really relevant any more, given what we know about nutrition.  For us Dukaneers, this is kinda a no-brainer, but it’s nice to see it getting some publicity outside of the context of “fad” diets.  (I hate that Dukan is branded by so many as  a fad diet, when it’s going to take up at least 2 years of my life!!)

IT’S SO DARK today!  The clocks all went back yesterday, and by the time work was over at 5pm this afternoon, the sun was well and truly down.  It’s only going to get darker and darker from now, right up until the Solstice on Dec 21st.  I was never so hyper-aware of the movement of the seasons and the significant dates in terms of Solstice and Equinox until I moved to Edinburgh – because it’s so extreme here.

You totally understand why the ancients thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Christmas/Winter Solstice with lots of fire and light and celebration – cause it’s so MISERABLE otherwise.

Last bit of moaning for the day, I promise.  November is NaNoWriMo – the National Novel Writing Month.  I do it every year – make the attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November.  It requires a colossal amount of time and energy, but right now, my time and energy is (theoretically) poured into one thing.


I’m going to attempt Nano this year, but I’m not going to flay myself if I don’t finish, not this time.

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  1. Hi Charlotte, sorry we’ve been so busy and we haven’t had much time to visit round all the Dukan blogs.

    Looks like you (and quite a few other online pals) are having a wee Dukan hiatus of sorts, yet you’ve all done so brilliantly so far. It’s probably just the pause for breath before the big push down the home stretch!

    Thanks for the link to the BBC article — and yeah, way back in the 1930s Alfred Pennington showed that Calorie controlled diets/ calorie counting doesn’t work. Oddly enough, it NEVER has ever worked, never been scientifically shown to work, and YET, somehow, it is a given! How weird is THAT?

    Almost everyone we know says “Eat healthily, eat a balanced diet, do exercise, take 5-a-day fruit and veg, drinks lots of water, detox, eats lots of fibre, reduce your portions, eat less, count your calories”. It’s all rubbish! The trouble is it gets printed every week in the papers and magazines, and is all over the internet. All this is the establishment, the dominant ideology — and THAT’S what Dukan is up against.

    By do we know it. We have friends doing the Dukan who are afraid to admit that they are doing Dukan (or even afraid to admit they’re doing a slimming diet). Dear oh dear! they know people will jeer them and give them their “wisdom”, ie repeat the dominant ideology that got us all a growing obesity epidemic in the first place!

    But we know better; the BBC (and Dukan) shows us that you do not have to drink extra water (, that detox is a myth (, 5-a-day turned out to be marketing (see also

    The one we enjoyed the most was as it shows how the diet and exercise business has grown by getting us hooked — all bases are covered. They want you for life, it’s a lifetime membership.

    In our opinion, only Dukan offered us a way to solve our own obesity problem. We really looked into this very carefully; we did not want a religion or “way of life”, we just wanted to be ourselves, lose weight and keep it off as easily and as lazily as possible. The Dukan Diet is not about joining his club, it is not about health and a lifestyle, it is not about exercise or weight loss. It is about curing the problem and saying “goodbye” for good.

    For slimming diets to work, carbohydrates have to be controlled. This is a proven truth. Atkins allows high fat, Dukan demands low fat, and there are variations on that theme.

    Dukan re-educates your palette to accept less of the wrong carbs over months. You reach a target weight, and maintain it for a long time to allow your body to accept this as the normal weight and tighten up the skin/ tone the muscles. But mainly, it is about a prolonged re-education of the mind and appetite. It is psychological; it is about changing your relationship with food in a subtle way.

    If you can stay away from certain foods, and not cheat, you actually break their spell over you. If you cheat a wee bit, the food remains in control, and you see it as a desirable thing, a treat or link it in some way to a subconscious need to fail. However, as long as you continue with Dukan, it will slowly and eventually fade and you will be cured.

    You emerge after ages and ages on the Dukan as a new person, slim, and in full control of food and social events that involve food and drink (ie real life)… without all the food hangups and inconvenience of calorie counting and water drinking and gym memberships.

    While on cruise, we would have been tempted by spaghetti; we missed it and thought it odd to have bolognese without it — now it is the opposite, we have it maybe twice a month, and it is only a small amount relative to the sugo.

    It works if you can do it, but it is a marathon with hurdles, not a sprint.


    • Aye, I had kinda been on hiatus last week – I was sick, had a good day and then had a few bad days, culminating with Halloween. I’m back on the wagon now though… 😉

      In terms of the whole exercise/gym thing – I barely touched the gym while the sun was gracing us with its presence. But I can’t walk in the evenings when it’s dark and cold and miserable, not yet. Especially not with the rain. The gym is my sanctuary, at least until spring comes again.



      • Charlotte, brilliant that you’re back on cruise! Our consolidation is going well, but it sure takes some getting used to — it’s all head stuff, all psychology — and I think we’re only now beginning to “get our heads around” Dukan properly, we really do think that we’re finally “getting it” now that our weight loss is distant memory. It really is a life-changing diet, and a cure — so stick in there and you’ll see for yourself, and we’ll be willing to bet that your no-holds-barred Christmas dinner turns out to be more Dukan than you would ever expect!

  2. Hey Charlotte! I can’t believe you are going to write a novel…that is monumental! How many have you written before? Do you let other people read them?
    Luckily Halloween isn’t really huge in Australia yet, so there wasn’t any lollies or chocolate lying around my house 😛 It’s like a free pass when you break Dukan and then don’t gain the next day…woohoo!


    • The novel… I’ve actually decided that this year, I’m going to do it, semi comic style. One picture per 1000 words. So I’m already well ahead of schedule! 😉


  3. Oh by the way…I made you a present! You can get it here…

    Just copy the image address and use that as an image in your sidebar 🙂



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