Cruise day 141 – PV

Morning weigh-in 89.4kgs

  • Daily loss – 0.1kgs / 0.22lbs.
  • Total lost 22.9kg/ 50.16lbs

Watercheck – 2.9l including coffee, diluting juice, diet coke & water.


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • Mug of coffee with sweetener

Morning snack

  • Skinny Cow sugar & fat-free hot chocolate


  • Chicken fajita nuggets with a little melted cheese

Afternoon snack

  • Skinny Cow sugar & fat-free hot chocolate


  • Chicken salad with capsicum, spring onion & tomato – yum!


  • 25 mins cycle to and from work

Not much to report today.  I didn’t get out to the cross trainer, but at least I got my cycling in.  If I can manage to get up early enough tomorrow, I’ll walk into work, which will give me a good 50mins walk in the bag.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Oooh…I’ve not seen Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate before, is it nice and does it satisfy chocolate cravings? Extremely important questions as I’m sure yuo know!!

    Sue xx


  2. It’s… ok. Not the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had in your life, but it’s hot and chocolatey, which would be requirements for a hot chocolate. I found mine at the coop. It also does have a wee bit of sugar, but only 3.5g of carbs per serving.


  3. Posted by Bee on November 4, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    I put a spoonful into a skinny latte to make a mocha – its not as good as the real thing but quite comforting.
    XX Bee


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