Cruise day 142 – PV

Morning weigh-in 89.7kgs – AARG!

  • Daily GAIN– 0.3kgs / 0.66lbs.
  • Total lost 22.6kg/ 49.72lbs

Watercheck – 1.8l including coffee & water.


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x low fat pork sausages
  • Mug of coffee with sweetener
  • some raw veggies from my veggie munch box (carrot, celery, cucumber & capsicum sticks)

Morning snack

  • mug of coffee with sweetener


  • Chicken fajita nuggets
  • Dukan friendly chocolate custard pudding
  • Raw veggies from veggie munch box

Afternoon snack

  • Mini Cathedral City cheddar cheese (not light)
  • Pepperami


  • Spicy taco mince using lean beef, with a tablespoon of salsa and a tablespoon of fat free fromage frais


  • 60 mins walking to and from work, and to and from the gym
  • 65 mins on the cross trainer at the gym

My god this diet takes up a lot of time.  Food prep. Exercise. Blogging. Nutritional values research. Shopping. More exercise. Cleaning out tupperware boxes. More food prep.  Then go to bed and start again.

I get up early in the morning to cook my chicken, chop my vege if I’m on a vege day.

I stop by the supermarket every other day to pick up fresh ingredients, and then when I get home, I have the choice of either going straight to the gym (or the walk, though it’s too dark to walk outside of an evening now) and coming home for a later dinner, or cooking dinner straight away and going to the gym on a full stomach. Or in tonight’s case, cooking dinner, then going to the gym, then eating dinner.

Decisions decisions.

And after a few days of Very Good Dieting, I’m up again on the scales this morning.  I know, vege days’ll do that to you. Plus no exercise yesterday cause I was getting sick of the amount of time this takes up in my life.  I’ve done no Nanowrimo since Nov 2nd. And it’s dark outside for most of the time I’m home, boo!! I hate this time of year, at least until Christmas season starts properly.  Once the German Market is up and running in Edinburgh and our Christmas decorations are up, then I’ll be able to cope with the darkness a little better.  Usually I have NaNo to keep my spirits up and keep me focussed in November, but this year I can’t quite cope with the split focus.


Sorry about that rant.  I was feeling a bit cheesed off in general, at how much effort I feel like I’m putting in, and how little progress I’ve made this month.  I’ve just come back from the gym and had a good session on the cross trainer, and I’ve had a bit of an epiphany.  See, all my other “low carb” friends are doing just that – very very low carb.  They don’t care about the fat, because at very low carb levels, fat doesn’t really get metabolised in the same way.

I have been seduced by their reasoning, and have been having more fat than I ought, really.  I’ve been having non-low-fat cheese and other dairy products, but that’s not what Dukan is about.  Dukan does allow a relatively higher level of carbs than most other “low carb” diets, and so you have to be more aware of fats.  Moreover, I’ve been forgetting that the idea of this diet is to get you used to low levels of fat in your food, almost creating a “fat taboo” so that when you start easing carbs back into your diet at Consolidation, you don’t start packing the weight back on.

So.  I’m going to give the cheese a rest for a few days, and up the exercise, and see if I can’t get myself at least into the low 88s by this time next week.

Are ya with me? 😉

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  1. Posted by Sharon on November 5, 2010 at 10:28 am

    I see that you are struggling Charlotte. Dr Dukan suggests that if we reach a point where weight loss and motivation is hard, it would be better to consolidate for a while. Why dont you consolidate until after Xmas then start again. Many dieters find that they drop quite a few pounds in consolidation. You have done phenomenally well on this regime. I have been on it now for 6 months and enter the 2nd stage of consolidation today and I know how hard it is for me to find the motivation to see it through to the end. Consolidation hasn’t been plain sailing for me, but I have remained at my target. For my Celebration meal at the start of this 2nd phase, is an outing to Loopy Lorna’s (Morningside) I’ve been dreaming about it since May 🙂 Onwards and Downwards Charlotte. You are a real inspiration.

    P.S. I also love when the German Market comes to town. It gives such a great feel-good atmosphere in Edinburgh. together with the Xmas lights.


    • Hi Sharon,

      Nice idea, thanks for the pep talk, but I just can’t justify going onto consolidation yet, not when I put weight ON during Cruise.

      But you got met thinking about Loopy Lorna’s, curse you. I love that place. I’ve been dreaming of a celebration meal there – tea and scones… *swoon* I just love their little crocheted tea cosies – my favorite one is the bee! And I have a Loopy Lorna’s apron hanging up in our kitchen!

      I’m going to just soldier on for a while and see what happens. Hopefully coming off the pill has meant that I’m retaining water pre-period (I’ve not had a period in a year now, so I’m about due)


  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself Charlotte- look at the big picture – you have done an amazing job so far – maybe a day or two on strict PP as you suggested without the cheeses will give you the boost you need. We are all here with you….. Go for it… You are awesome! You have been such an inspiration to me! Have a great day


    • Hi Ros!

      Thanks for the kind words – you look like you’re doing really well! I have a co-worker with diabetes who tried Dukan and said it wasn’t for her – it wreaked havoc with her bsls… I’m so glad it’s working for you though! 🙂



      • Posted by Ros on November 6, 2010 at 10:09 pm

        I would never recommend the Dukan diet or any other for anyone with diabetes – it is very much a case of trial and error to see which foods affect your BSL’s and adjust accordingly with the advice of a good diabetes educator. I am so happy that mine seem to be very stable when the sugars and carbs are low.

        It can be time consuming to prep the foods etc but HEY – you are looking after THE MOST IMPORTANT person in your life – you deserve lots of TLC too!

  3. Gosh yes, I’m with you!!

    You’ve been doing so well. Take yourself in hand with the fats and you will crack it. I did Atkins a couple of years back (extremely low carbs and high fats) and now I’m doing Dukan, I can’t begin to explain how much healthier it feels this way. And as you say we are educating ourselves for the future.

    If Atkins had worked properly I wouldn’t be here now would I!!

    Sue xx


    • Well that’s right isn’t it? If all the past diets we’ve tried had worked, we wouldn’t be doing this… Different diets work for different people – my dad really liked Atkins and it worked for him.

      Have had a sufficiently Dukan day so far – have just had one tolerated food, one serving of Birds Custard powder. I shall try to be well behaved tonight.


  4. Charlotte,
    Just chill will ya? You weigh daily, so you’re up, you’re down, meh! Wait a little why doncha before the panic! Chill babes! Seriously, relax, do the diet and when your body is finished messin’ about, you will lose again like before.

    Listen up;we’re telling you that consolidation is ever weirder and less rational; your weight remain the same, but your fat moves around. Just believe.

    Having said that, we know you’re too bright and sassy to take that “just believe” line, so you are right about the fats — get the fats to as low as poss and control the carbohydrates, that’s what the science says.


  5. Hi Charlotte,

    I found your blog while looking for information on the Dukan Diet and I was really inspired by your progress…….so keep it going!!

    I started in Attack on Monday and have already had one day with no loss and I gained 200g today but I will keep at it and keep following your diary for inspiration.



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