Cruise day 168 – PV

Morning weigh-in 88.8kgs

  • Daily GAIN 0.1kg / 0.22lbs
  • Total lost 23.5kg/ 51.7lbs

Watercheck –Not enough liquid!


  • Oatbran porridge
  • 2x microwaved eggs
  • 1/2 mug of coffee

Morning snack

  • Another 1/2 mug of tea


  • Chicken fajita pieces
  • 1 carrot
  • a few celery sticks
  • half a capsicum
  • dip made with fat free greek yoghurt, natural yoghurt, garlic & onion powder, paprika, salt and pepper (seriously tasty!)

Afternoon snack

  • OMG CARB DISASTER!!! I attacked the office biscuit box.  Decimated it, even.


  • 2x mini chicken breast fillets
  • roasted pumpkin with sage, salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder


  • Nada

Carb disaster.  Not happy.  The snow was coming down, it was cold outside, the office was quiet as a mouse cause only one other workmate could get into work, I was feeling stressed cause I have to take on the workload of other people while they can’t get into work, and I got an attack of the cranks.  SO cranky, I ate loads of biscuits and finished off the last few small slices of gingerbread cake.  Felt baaaad afterwards. Emotionally and physically.  Where the hell was my clicker, dammit?

Also, I didn’t drink enough liquid – ya just don’t feel like chugging down the water when it’s snowing out…

I hate snow.  Have I mentioned this? Dirty, filthy, disgusting, slushy, slippery, icey snow.  Ugh.  I walk down the street, and I get splashed with muddy slush.

Plus? My crampons didn’t arrive either.  I was actually kinda looking foward to being able to stride home with my foot spikes on.  “Take THAT, Ice!” I would have said, jamming my feet down into the snow, marvelling in the Power of Foot Studded Traction. And the Ice would have melted at the very sight of my foot studded splendour, and Edinburgh would then rejoice and celebrate and we’d all dance ceilidhs and tear down the snowmen and igloos, and then maybe they’d even put up a statue in honour of the Foot Studded Feet that scared the Ice away.

But Alas, it was not to be.  The parcel delivery guy had a parcel for someone else in my office but… nothing for me.

*pouty face*

Enough moaning.  I shall wear the jump on the scales tomorrow with equanimity, and attempt to keep my cool in the office.  To steal a joke from my boss, I shall refuse to feel “snowed under”.

Har har har…

11 responses to this post.

  1. Those crampons look like serious hardware! In Australia where we have Christmas in summer, I have been seduced by all those beautiful dreamy romantic snow scenes on Christmas cards – you know the ones – so have never had to deal with the reality of living in snow. We have heard on our news about the extreme cold weather that is hitting northern Europe – hope you are surviving and are still not ‘snowed under’….. Hahaha


  2. Posted by Bee on December 6, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Charlotte, where are you? I am missing your daily visit – are you OK?
    XX Bee


    • Sorry Bee!! I’m still on the radar, but the snow’s kinda thrown out my normal routine. I’m not sticking 100% to the diet (for a while there, it was difficult to even GET high protein low carb food – all the stores were sold out of eggs and awaiting deliveries in the snow) but I suppose I should blog that too…


  3. Posted by Bee on December 6, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    As long as you are OK! This awful weather can’t go on forever – can it?


  4. Hi, what do you do if you go off the diet for a while? I am only on day 3 of cruise but accidentally ate chips today! can’t decide whether to re-do the attack phase or not???


  5. Posted by holly on December 11, 2010 at 3:03 am

    Hi charlotte!

    I am a fellow canadian here in Edin and also a dukaneer! I really find hope and inspiration from your blog.. You rock! Keep on keepin on.. Everyone is rooting for you! Btw, since following your blog, I have lost 20 pounds and have gained a new love of life!

    Cheers charlotte!


    • Hey Holly! Thanks for the lovely comment – and WELL DONE for the 20 pounds! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? As I said to Abi, I’m taking things easy over the festive season, I don’t have enough energy to brave snow and ice and diet AND exercise AND avoid the Bad Foods. I’m Australian, so I’m unaccustomed to all this slippery white stuff on the ground – it takes a lot of brain power to navigate it!! Eeeek! You Canadians and your smugness… 😉

      Keep in touch!

      Charlotte xx


  6. Hi Charlotte,
    I have been checking on you everyday and was getting worried….I am guilty too!!!
    Oh well, as has become my mantra “i forgive myself” and will carry on as I can until I CAN!
    I have been afraid to weigh myself but had courage today.
    London is now thawed out so I really have no excuse and I know you should be better able to manage up there soon (ignoring the promised warnings for next week!) so I look forward to reading more from you soon.
    Dr dukan says double the exercise (30 mins to 1 hr) for 4 days while you re-attack, so here goes (again)!


  7. Posted by Sharon on December 11, 2010 at 10:21 am

    We’re all concerned that we’ve not had any blogs from you Charlotte. Dont beat yourself up. Consolidate the weight that you have already lost and start again when you are ready. You have been such an inspiration and it’s been a pleasure to follow your blog.


    • Sorry sorry! I know I’ve been lax in the blogging department, and I don’t know where my comment to Abi went, but the snow has made things really difficult in Edinburgh. There’s been a dirth of Dukan-friendly products on the shelves. Eggs and chicken have been in short supply unless you can make it to one of the big supermarkets, which would be fine except that our car’s been snowed in, snow shovels are sold out nationwide (as are wellie boots) and the footpaths are COVERED in ice!!

      So, here’s my plan (which I should really communicate to people.) I’m going to kinda consolidate – though I think it’s going to be carbier than it should be over the festive season – and then go back onto a proper 10-day attack and strict cruise from January 2nd, after which time we’re hopefully not going to see anything like the snow that we’ve had here recently…


  8. Posted by JO MCCUE on December 15, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    nice one charlotte. enjoy your christmas hunni. and brace yourself for more snow tonight and over the next coming days. its crap – and i know what you mean about the deliveries to the supermarkets – unbelievable. keep warm mate, stay happy and be good!!! see you in Feb for DD lunch club Part 2 !! love jo xx.


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