Day 203 – PP (attacking again, kinda)


Morning weigh-in 94.8kgs (oh noes!!!)

  • Total lost 17.5.7kg/ 38.5lbs

Watercheck – 1.8


  • Oatbran Porridge
  • Microwaved eggs x2
  • Mug of tea

Afternoon snack

  • 8 After-Eight mints
  • A good handful of Celebrations


  • savoury pork mince
  • bubble and squeak from leftover roast vege


  • 40 minutes on the cross trainer
  • 15 minutes walking to and from the gym

OK, so Christmas has been a disastrous period for the diet.  There is an over abundance of chocolate in this house, I can’t even begin to describe. There is more than a full tub of Celebrations.  AfterEight mints. Lindor. Not to mention bags of crisps, pancake batter, home made cookies and fresh baked bread from my bread maker.

I have chowed down on everything, really gone overboard. And it shows on the scales, and in my face shape too! Three weeks, almost, of practically unfettered gluttony.

And you know what? I’m kinda getting tired of it.  This morning I was craving a nice, clean bowl of oatbran porridge and some lovely, peppery scrambled eggs, with a simple cup of tea.  I may have veered off path with the chocolates this afternoon, but my body also told me it wanted to get some solid exercise in.  It’s like, we’re past the Solstice now, the days will finally start getting longer again, the evenings lighter, and the snow is ACTUALLY showing signs of melting.

I’m kinda feeling more positive about life.  I have a blissful week-and-a-bit more off work, and I plan on, while not being TOTALLY strict diet wise, at the very least not sinking into a bed of junkfood.


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