Day 204 – Another not Dukan Day

Morning weigh-in 93.5kgs

  • Daily loss 1.3kg/ 2.86lbs
  • Total lost 18.8kg/ 41.36lbs

Watercheck – 1.8


  • Oatbran Porridge
  • Microwaved eggs x2
  • Mug of tea

Early Dinner

  • 3/4 of a pepperoni pizza (feeling pretty full now)

Evening snack

  • A handful of Celebrations


  • 35 minutes on the cross trainer
  • 15 minutes walking to and from the gym

Yep, still not really trying very hard, but if you can believe it, a handful of chocolates and 3/4 of a pepperoni pizza constitutes NOT pigging out by comparison to what happened this time last week.  Down on the scales this morning, as a result of eschewing slothful ways, getting out of the gym and starting the day with a healthful breakfast.  It continued in much the same vein today, but as you can tell, I’m easing back into it.  The pepperoni pizza has been in the fridge for a week now, and came as a result of pre-Christmas food ordering via an Asda delivery.  I kinda didn’t even want to eat it, but was loath to waste it, if I’m honest.

I’m still kinda fantasising about yesterday’s bubble and squeak.  I’m sure that with some more pumpkin and less potato, I can replicate a good Dukan friendly version.  Basically it’s just an array of mashed veggies, fried in the pan until there are crispy bits.  Stir in a half and half mix of this and savoury mash, and the result is pretty dreamy… Granted, there were bits of stuffing, cauliflower cheese and roast potato in yesterday’s batch, but the bits I enjoyed the most were the broccoli and snow peas.

How about that – I’ve been gobbling so much junk food that right now I’m fantasising about vegetables.  Perhaps forcing that pizza down today was good for me? 😉

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hiya Chrlotte… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    We’ve loads of chocolates lying around too, but we find them too sweet now. The main problem for us has been alcohol — Oh, and bread/ butter.

    Christmas Eve we “treated” ourselves to our first bowl of breakfast cereal since April — who would have thought that Bran Flakes would EVER have been a guilty pleasure!

    The sad thing about breaking from Dukan is how every calorie is effectively doubled, so we have cheated here and there, but no way could we just go completely off the Dukan rails as it is way, way too fattening. Hey, it’s been bad enough with a bit of this and that; clothes are tighter for sure, and it will be really really hard to lose it again, and sadly much harder than it was the first time round. But we’re determined to get the walking back now the thaw is here, and to return to Dukan shopping now that the shops have restocked Quark and the like!

    Jeez, our consolidation was doing so well too! *sigh* well there are only there options — maintain, lose or gain.

    Classic yo-yo dieting is something we HAVE to conquer! I guess we thought we’d not have to slim from First January, but nope, we’ll just be like all the other brainwashed dieters out there! Aargh!

    Today is our weekly PP day (should have been Monday, but hey Dave had a birthday this week, what can y’do?), so at least we have that as a major correction.

    To all our fellow Dukaneers out there — Happy Christmas and a great New Year when it comes… hope you reigned in it a bit at least and did some PP (at least one day a week)!


  2. Posted by JO MCCUE on December 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    hiy charlotte. yay, getting focussed again, its great isnt it. i gained 6 pounds in 3 days of relaxing. how scarry is that. i threw a PP day in and have tried to get back into things, but my brother is up and im buggered if im not drinking (hey, ive not stoppd whilst doing the DD so i will continue!!) – thing is, the booze leads to crispy savoury type snacks – i put them out for him and the others and tuck in myself – och well. im confident that i can shift the excess with a bit of cruise action, get back to where i was and start my consolidation over again. its been great but just a little too relaxed -and i FEEL FAT which i havent in ages. bloody carbs eh!! good luck to you matey – we will get that date sorted for Feb – i wish u well on getting focussed. ur sooo good at DD i know you will be fine. take care and happy new year mate – i hope its a slim one …. xx


    • Hi Jo — feeling fat? Boy, do we know where you are coming from there! That’s the clincher right there. No way are we buying fat clothes, and we got rid of everything but the (now tight) slim gear, so we have little option but to get back on board with Dukan — and thank goodness we know a diet that actually does work and is healthy and harmless. Sure, we know what to do, it’s just a question of bloomin well doing it! Ha ha.

      If you think about the Cruise phase, we lost 200g/day for the first part and it averaged out at nearer 100g/day toward the end. This seems pretty typical from what we have seen If we take say 150g/day and reverse it to be a gain, then that is almost exactly what Charlotte has done here.

      On 29 November she was 88.7kg and on 28 December the scales showed 93.5, so in 37 days she’s gained 4.8kg — which is 130g/day.

      We reckon that once she loses the water, gets the carbs and salts out of her system, and starts walking again, she’ll drop a whoosh amount and then if she gets out her tupperware and DD book, she’ll lose her average 100g-a-day and when January is over, she’ll be back in the 80s and this wee break will be history.

      It WILL be harder simply because once you have allowed the evil carbs in, they work their evil temptations on you all the more, but with Christmas and New Year temptations out of the way — and maybe with everyone and their granny’s dug on diets, January could be OK.

      Dukan says a celebration meal is not a celebration DAY, and if you give in, don’t throw towel in, so if you have pizza for lunch, don’t write off the rest of the day, pull things back for dinner and do DAMAGE LIMITATION. Why? because everything you do winds back the clock — and at the end of the day, you are still actually in charge, like it or not.

      Tell you what, February is looking gooood….!


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