Cliffhangers (for Dave and Ruth)

Dave and Ruth always crack me up, not only with their comments on this blog, but with their antics on their own family blog.  I’ve never met the pair of them (though we only live a 45 minute train journey away) but I have felt their support and encouragement every step of the way on this Dukan Journey.  They’ve been very successful in getting and keeping off the pounds, and are now solidly into Consolidation – my inspiration! 🙂

Anyway, a recent comment posting of their’s pointed out that I’ve been remiss in posting follow-ups to things that things I’ve blogged about, so here goes:

“Did you get your snow crampon shoe thingies, and if you did, are they any good?”

The crampons saved my arse on any number of occasions during the Deep Winter that Scotland experienced this year.  I bought a pair of City Tracks Urban Crampons, and they were great.  Better on ice than on slush though – for the slush, I’d have to recommend a pair of Muck Boots – amazing grip, thick warm soles, wide fitting calves for thems of us who need them, and incredibly warm.  My recommendation is for the long version, not the mid-calf version, because as I walked on gritted slushy paths, they tended to flick cold slushy bits of grit up and over the back of the boot, straight down inside.  Sizes run large – I’m usually a 7 1/2, but the size 7 that I got was too big.  Invest in a pair of these before next winter!! 🙂

“And those exercise shoes — any good?”

D&R are referring to the Sketchers Shapeups that I bought ages ago.  Actually, I found them to be totally lacking in arch support, and tended to make my feet collapse inwards. I definitely felt like I was working harder in them, but I’ve not used them in ages – mostly cause I’ve not been doing the full Meadows walk after work, as it’s been too dark.  I’m counting down the days till the day when sunset is after 6.15pm – that seems to be the magic number.  I checked back through my blog, and the last day I got a good walk in that wasn’t a weekend, the sunset was at 6.15pm.  After that, I felt less and less inclined to go out walking after I got home from work. That magic date is March 15th – can’t wait! 🙂

“Oh, and whatever happened to the ice cream maker?”

The icecream maker, hmm…  I made once batch of icecream, which ended up being a bit ice-crystally.  I’ve recently discovered Xanthan Gum (available at Tescos and healthfood stores – look for it in the gluten free baking section) which is supposed to help stabilise icecream when it’s churning, to stop crystals forming.  I actually tried it last weekend, but didn’t leave the icecream tub in the freezer long enough, so the mix went a bit slushy, then started to thaw again.  The icecream tub takes up STACKS of space in the freezer, so I can only put it in there when we’re due for a shop and the freezer’s empty.

Is it better with a diet buddy?

Yes, definitely.  It’s certainly easier cooking the same foods.  Though I wish he’d read the book.  He’s not doing any exercise, just eating the same thing that I’m eating (with maybe fewer transgressions), and the pounds are just falling off him. Very jealous. But also very proud of him.

Do you walk together?

Nope.  His exercise of choice (if he was doing any) is running.  I don’t run, my boobs are too big!! 😉 I much prefer walking.

Weigh together?

Definitely not.  No way.  Not a chance.  ICK!  He knows where my blog is, and he keeps a tally of his daily weigh ins on a sheet of paper hanging above the scales.  Weighing together kinda feels like me going to the loo in the bathroom while he’s brushing his teeth.  ICK. 😉

So there you have it – the cliffhangers dealt with.  Thanks for the reminder, Dave and Ruth! 🙂

2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha, thanks!
    We’ve been looking back at some of the zillions of photographs we have on the external hard drive, and just realised that it has snowed every year, and last year it snowed a LOT (at both ends of the year), so those crampon things are looking like a sensible investment. Good to get a recommendation, Charlotte, thanks!
    Hi — I did a sort of ice cream for Christmas lunch (no ice cream machine was involved). It was a big hit on everyone’s hips. I was really wondering about whether getting an ice cream machine, but I think I can wait!
    We could never have done the Dukan regime without each other, so when we heard that your man was joining you, we reckoned that might be key. We hope so.

    Sorry to hear that you are unwell, being SAD, and deficient of vitamin D (like most folks fay Edinburgh)! Why not skip each wee transgression (and let them stack up in your head, like Tesco Points), then cash them all in on a nice meal and a bottle of wine. Might be worth a try? It keeps Dave from the sarnies and nibbles at office meetings, and the cakes when someone has a birthday in the office (ie every other day); we’d rather share being bad together!
    Thanks for the nice comments, btw! Soon be March!


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