Days 225 & 226 – sick days

I find this diet almost impossible when I’m sick.  I tend to want to eat Bad Foods, and these past two days have been no exception – the combination of being home sick for 2 days, coupled with being home by myself (solitude is always a trigger for eating what I shouldn’t, if ever I had one) and the diet promptly goes down the drain.

Apologies. I’ll be doing two or three days PP in a row starting tomorrow, to make up for the fact that all I’ve eaten is crap yesterday and today.

I am tensely aware that next Monday, J will be away for work, and I’ll find myself once again at home, alone, of an evening.  I suspect that I’m going to find that evening a bit challenging in terms of being able to stay on track – but hey, being aware of the issue is a start, right?


I’m still feeling the effects of the Darkness outside (yes, I afford that word a Capital D.)  It seems like the days should be getting longer faster than they are.  We’re getting an extra 3 minutes of sunlight per day right now, increasing to 4 minutes by the end of the month, but it can’t happen quickly enough as far as I’m concerned.

Bring on March.

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