Day 232 – Cruise – PP

Watercheck – 1.7


  • Oatbran Porridge
  • Mug of Tea

Morning snack

  • Vanilla fat free Activia


  • Savoury mince with Chinese Five Spice and green vegetables (not quite PP, but it was all I had available so I went with it)

Afternoon snack

  • Microwaved cheese crisp


  • grilled chicken breast


  • 25 mins cycling to and from work

Been kinda down the last few days – I guess I’m still adjusting to not being on the pill, and the haze of mild-temperedness that goes with it.  Also, not getting much exercise won’t be improving my mood any – there are so many studies out there which go on and on about the mood-boosting effects of exercise, and I do intend to start again.  I went for a wee walk last night, but with stomach cramps (feminine related) I was just not in the mood to go far or fast.  I’ll attempt a gym visit towards the end of the week for a bit of cross trainer action, once my (feminine related) issues are over.

I’m reticent to even post my weight this morning, following what I ate last night.  J was away, and that, coupled with my general “girlie malaise” meant that I was just not strong enough to resist the conditioned behaviour that goes with a) being on my own and b) Feeling generally miserable (particularly hormone induced surliness.)

I ended up eating an entire tub of Haagan Daas on my own.

Not pretty, nor dignified.  And I felt so sick afterwards.  Why do we do this sort of thing to ourselves?

So anyway, yeah.  No weight posting today, not after last night.  You can see the horrid spike on the graph on the “About” page though, if you really want to wallow in my failure.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Hiya! Good to see you’re still alive and kicking! We worry y’know!
    Hmm: maybeees people can only stick to the weight loss part of this diet for about 100 days (about 3 months) — either that or the weight loss is 18-20kg and then we lose the plot? what do you think?

    We were lucky in that we lost what we had to (no more than 18kg) in that quarter of a year period, popped into consolidation no trouble at all. But looking around the blogosphere, it seems to be that for those with more to lose, after that time/ weight, a problem appears.

    Well, now, let’s imagine this is true… well then you ought to consolidate for a few months. Consolidate your weight loss, get it steady before starting the weight loss bit all over again.

    This means digging out the book, and reading the Consolidation section — starting to eat rice and pasta and bread — having celebration meals etc. Not cheating, consolidating. You have to flatline ASAP if you are not going to regain all you lost. Get the carbs right, eat the right carbs, get the right mental state — and then, when the weather’s better (some hope if you live in Edinburgh), you can start the weight loss again… hey, it’s only an idea, we think it might just be worth serious consideration.
    Huge Hugs


    • Y’know, I think you’re right – there’s a 100 day or 20kg shelf life on this diet for a lot of people. I noticed that too.

      Your comments today about having to “flatline ASAP if I’m not going to regain all I lost” were a total slap in the face – a much needed slap! I got out today, I went for my walk, and I focussed my mind on what I was going to need to do to get back into the swing of this diet.

      So thank you! 🙂

      I’m still not convinced about consolidation – I’m half considering a kind of pseudo consolidation, which involves purely PV days with one PP day per week, or more if I can manage it. Most of the frozen dinners we have in the freezer are PV meals, so that, at least, would make life easier for me.

      I’ll think on it, and see how things go once I’m back to walking regularly.

      Big hugs back!
      Charlotte xx


  2. Posted by Catherine on January 26, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Hi Charlotte

    I’ve not posted on your blog before, but since I started following the Dukan diet in November, I’ve been reading it regularly. Particularly enjoy your references to Edinburgh – I spend every August there, and the Meadows is my favourite place to take exercise (or at least plan to…). (OK – I also have memories of walking across the Meadows to Sainsburys, to buy a cake which I ate on my own. All of it.)

    I really identified with your Haagen Daas moment. We’ve all been there, and suffered the emotional and physical indigestion that inevitably follows. For me, a slip-up like this has often meant that I fling the door to excess wide open – because if I’ve mucked up, I might as well muck up properly! And that’s been my undoing. Not the initial slip-up, but everything that follows. That’s the pattern I’m working to change, as it’s the one that has kept recurring throughout my life, from the time I became aware that I was fatter than my friends. I’m now, finally, at my goal weight, but I recognise that the real challenge for me is not actually losing the weight, but changing my patterns long-term.

    The ice-cream doesn’t matter at all. Forgive yourself that slip-up. What matters is what you do following this.

    Looking at your food diary, I wonder whether you’re eating enough to keep your hunger satisfied throughout the day? Could you crow-bar in some more protein at breakfast? Also, it might help to have some supplies of sweet (but Dukan-friendly) things you can eat at the danger times (ie evening).

    Hope you don’t mind me posting this. Just didn’t want to see your blog become another one that goes silent.

    Keep going. These are the hard yards, but think how brilliant you’ll feel when you get past them.

    All the best


  3. Dear Charlotte.

    I feel your pain ! I’m doing horrible at the moment, dancing on the 79/80kgs line and I’m getting really tired of it. The fact that I just ate a whole bag of Maltesers is probably not helping out a lot. There is this tiny voice in my head that is constantly saying that if I only get to see 78 point something on the scale, everything will be alright and I will get back on track. The only problem is that I need to get back on track now in order to see that magic number…. tired, frustrated and feeling like I have the biggest belly in the world at the moment (the fact that I’m wearing a belt to keep my pants up is not enough for me to realize that I’m not really fat anymore, just carrying a little extra) !

    Sorry for thin non-encourageing comment, it’s just one of those days.


  4. Hi Charlotte,
    So sorry to hear you are feeling down at the moment and you are feeling o bad about slipping up. FORGIVE YOURSELF and move on, everyeone does it and I know exactly what you mean about slipping up at that time of the month. I crave carbs at that time and fill my face with cheesey pasta, bread and butter and everything else I shouldn’t……Dukan or not dukan!
    Don’t beat yourself up, make a plan from now and move on. David and Ruth’s advise looked sensible if you feel that would be right.
    Good luck


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