Day 252 – Mini attack (again…)

Morning weigh-in 94.8kgs – le sigh.  Starting again. Again.

  • Total lost 18.1kg/ 39.82lbs

Watercheck – 2.3l


Second breakfast

  • Mug of tea on arriving at work

Morning snack

  • Chicken fridge raiders


  • 400g grilled chicken breast
  • Vanilla muller light
  • 1litre of watered down, no added sugar Robinsons orange cordial.

Afternoon snack

  • Chocolate shapers pudding
  • can of caffeine free diet coke

Grazing throughout the day

  • Lean ham off the bone
  • 4 slices of pastrami


  • Sirloin steak with red wine reduction
  • can of caffeine free diet coke
  • a teaspoon of peanut butter (wait, what? PARIIIISSSS!)


  • 25 mins cycling to and from work
  • 55 min walk around the Meadows

OK, so we’re back on Attack.

J and I had a major blowout weekend – I had, like, THREE pieces of fruit (an orange never tasted so good), plus we had popcorn, corn chips, chocolate, stirfry with noodles, bread rolls for sandwiches… the list goes on.  For J, it was a weekend of yummy stuff before going back on Dukan officially – he’s kinda been off it for the past couple of weeks.  For me, well – I was just along for the ride.  Bad me.

Oh well.

I’m super motivating myself today, with the thought that we’re going to Paris in May, and we might catch up with a couple of friends who I’ve not seen since I left Melbourne 6 years ago.  And I want to look faaaahbulous. They are despicably Beautiful People – don’t you hate people like that?  People who are just so naturally gorgeous and cool that they make everyone around them feel slightly less awesome? That’s what these people are.

I’m very fond of these Beautiful People, but they do make me feel like a total elephant when I’m around them – not just an elephant, but the ugliest elephant in the herd, as well as being terminally uncool.  I’m like the geeky ugly elephant who’s just thrilled to be hanging out with a pair of cool, beautiful, sleek gazelles.

Luckily for me, they’re fond of me too (they’re kinda family friends) so some of their cool rubs off onto me after a while and I become slightly more gazelle-like, but still…  😉

Anyway… May. Faaaaahbulous. S’gonna happen. This is my determined face – see it? If you see me slipping off the path, if you see me partaking in Things I Oughtn’t, then please leave a two word comment for me: “Remember Paris.”

It’s gotta be my mantra from now on.

Remember Paris!!

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sara on February 14, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    ah yes … remember Paris.
    Good luck.


  2. Ha, brilliant! So good to know that I am not the only one ‘re-attacking’ this week! You keep thinking of Paris whilst I keep reminding myself how heavy that small child was to carry around all day last week!
    What are the shapers chocolate puds, I have seen you write about those a few times and wondered if they are a, nice and b, allowed or do you take it as tolerated?
    Remember Paris!


    • Hey sweetie,

      OK, so I did a little more research into the Shapers puds. They may be where my problem lies – they’re actually MUCH higher in carbs than I’d originally thought. I’d suspected this all along, but not actually checked carefully online – I was deceived by the idea of “with sugar and sweeteners.” Muller Light has sugar and sweetener, but nowhere near the same level of carbs as Shapers.

      They are Officially Not Dukan Friendly, and I should dispense with them. I’ve been trying to find some kind of thickening agent which will allow me to create something similar at home with no carbs, but to no avail. I’ve tried custard – too runny. I’ve tried cornflour – too carby. I’ve tried silky tofu – (yuk!) and Xanthan gum – too gluey.

      Next, I’m thinking about just biting the bullet and trying low levels of gelatin – not enough to make the milk jellyish, but enough to thicken it to a gentle set, so that I can stir it and it remains kinda firm.



  3. Sigh indeed! The Dukan mousse is kinda yummy but still doesn’t match up to those yummy ‘Gu’ puddings that I miss so much! Have you tried gelatin in fromage frais with cocoa powder?!


  4. I tried making a chocolate pud last night, I mixed a little bit of gelatine and water with some fromage frais, cocoa powder and sweetener. It was yummy but need to work on the quantities a bit more….will keep you posted!


    • HA! I’m trying almost exactly the same thing tonight – only rather than using water, I’m using Lactofree milk (ie low lactose, therefore lower carb, milk) but aside from that, almost exactly the same, right down to the fromage frais. How much of each did you use?

      Mine’s still in the fridge now, but I used:

      200ml milk
      8oz fromage frais
      2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
      Sweetener to taste
      1 teaspoon of gelatine
      a few shakes of my salt shaker of Xanthan gum to smooth it out a bit.

      I whizzed it with my hand blender for a few minutes too. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

      Charlotte xx


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