Day 278 – Cruise PP

Morning weigh-in: 93.9kg

  • Daily GAIN 0.8kgs / 1.76lbs
  • Total lost 18.4kg/40.48lbs

Watercheck – 2.3l – diet coke, tea, and water.  This doesn’t include all the alcohol I had later on.


  • 2x microwaved egg
  • oatbran porridge
  • cup of tea

Cinema snacks

  • 1 popcorn
  • some ben & jerrys fro-yo


  • 2x chicken nandos chicken breasts


  • three fruity cocktails


  • 15 min walk to the cinema

I did a massive movie marathon at the cinema today, catching up on all the films that I nearly missed out on, and getting good use out of my Unlimited card at Cineworld.  I managed to fit three films in over the course of an afternoon/evening –  Rango (meh), The Adjustment Bureau (awesome), and True Grit (pretty good).

I wasn’t too fussed by the jump on the scales today – I’m a day late on my period, and a massive jump like that (without having eaten pizza or massive amounts of bread) can only mean one thing – I’m about to enter that time of the month. Sure enough, by halfway through my movie marathon, I was reaching for the painkillers against the onset of the first cramps.

I never judge myself too harshly on the first day of my period, I have to say.  The pain’s enough to have to go through without having to bear the guilt of the extra food that I feel is my right as a woman in pain.  Hence the popcorn and icecream at the cinema. It’s one day, and I’m delicate.

Same with the cocktails.  The cramps had really kicked in by the time I’d come home from the cinema, and a bit of booze does actually help with the pain…

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  1. Posted by Jenny on March 14, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Hi – I have just started the Attack phase – have the book – cant afford the website with the amount of weight I have to lose!! Your blog is very inspiring – can you tell me where else I might get help or advise/encouragement. I have tried the Dukan Unplugged on fb but cant find it – is there anwhere else I can get advise. Its simple things like what make of yoghurts are people finding are low cal / low carb ?
    Thanks and thanks for your blog!


    • Hi Jenny!

      Grats on starting the diet – the best advice I can give is to read the book, and treat it as gospel, at least until you get a better idea of how your body works on Dukan. Some people have more oatbran than recommended, and still have a very successful diet. Others stick to the ration like glue (I’m more the latter than the former, though I have other issues which trip me up)

      Simon’s Dukan Forum is a brilliant forum and resource for a newbie like yourself. You’ll get stacks of help and support there.

      Under no circumstances would I recommend the official website – it’s an utter rip-off. It’s buggy, poorly translated, and not much good when you’ve got the rest of the internet at your disposal.

      My three top tips for succeeding on Dukan:

      1. PREPARATION IS KEY! Make sure you don’t leave the house without something Dukan friendly to nibble on. Tupperware is your friend. Make more than you need at dinner time, and freeze the leftovers for days when you can’t be arsed with all the food prep – cause there is a lot of it!
      2. WALK WALK WALK! Get your walking shoes on and WALK! I can’t stress this enough. Since sunset slipped prior to 6pm, I’ve not walked regularly in the evenings, and this has played a large part in my stagnation since last October. It’s not solely responsible, but it plays a part. This Wednesday, sunset occurs just after 6pm, and for me, this is my trigger. Walking will happen regularly from THIS Wednesday.
      3. If you transgress, don’t let it ruin your whole day. SO, you had some chocolate “by accident” at lunchtime. Don’t let that be an excuse to have more carbs at dinner time. This is a toughie. Eating carbs just feeds the appetite for more carbs. I slip up sometimes (more often recently) and I try to have eggs available – nothing beats the taste
        of carbs in your mouth like some nice scrambled eggs in the microwave… 🙂

      Good luck! 🙂

      Charlotte xx


  2. I agree about the website. I took advantage of the 40% discount over the christmas / new year period but i really do not think it was money wisely spent…It is good to be on the ‘inside’ though so for anyone who ‘needs’ that, go right ahead.
    Alternatively, google-ing key words and the word ‘Dukan’ will yield a wealth of real-life experiences of other Dukanners.


  3. Posted by Lesley on March 17, 2011 at 10:54 am

    Hi Charlotte,

    Noticed that you’ve not blogged for a few days and hoping that you are ok.

    Sending you a big hug and wishing you well,

    Lesley x


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