The Dukan Diet – a Hero’s Journey…

OK, so hands up if you’ve heard of Joseph Campbell.  He wrote the book, A Hero of a Thousand Faces, which basically (and I’m totally paraphrasing and interpreting here) lays out the most well known story in the history of the world – that of the Hero’s Journey.

It starts with our protagonist – an unassuming character, nothing special about them as far as they’re aware.  For example, Luke Skywalker.  Simba the Lion (who forgets he’s supposed to be king). Gilgamesh.  David (before he meets Goliath). The hero’s life is safe, unassuming. Nothing heroic about it.

Then there’s a Call to Action. Luke Skywalker’s aunt and uncle are killed, and he is drawn to Save the Princess. He becomes A New Hope for the powers of good.

He does just that, which draws him further down the path.  He goes to learn more about his destiny from Yoda. It looks like everything’s going well for him.

Then something terrible happens.  The Empire Strikes Back.  The princess is captured.  His friend is put into carbonite, and when he goes to try and save them (against the advice of his spirit guide – still an impetuous youth, with much to learn) his gravest enemy chops off his hand and he’s left – literally – hanging.  All hope seems lost.

But now it’s time to continue on the path, and right the wrongs that he was, in some ways, partly responsible for himself.  He finds the strength within, Returns as a Jedi, defeats the Emperor, makes peace with his gravest enemy (who is his father) and hey-presto, all is right with the world.

Until next episode, at least.

Every Hero’s Journey has the same elements – a call to action.  The first steps down a long path.  A kick in the nuts. A heroic comeback against all odds.

So I’ve decided to make this my story too.

Last June, I was called to action, and I did really well.  Then I was kicked in the proverbial nuts by Christmas, and it’s taking all my strength not to just give up.  But dammit, I’m gonna make my heroic comeback.  Sunset is at almost 6.30pm tonight.  I have lots of meat in the freezer. The weather is warmer (14 degrees today! Sweltering!!)


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  1. Posted by annie on March 22, 2011 at 11:38 am

    thank god for that. I’m a long time lurker and feel compelled to say “may the force be with you” because I’m starting (again) today too…
    Which is why I checked into your blog.
    Thank you for inspiring me..


    • Hi Annie!

      Good luck to both of us! 🙂 I have so far resisted all the junk food in the kitchen, hurray! 🙂

      I’m totally dreading posting my weigh-in for today though…



  2. Get rid of all the junk food inthe house. If others live with you that think they need it , they can go out and buy it……Get rid of all temptation…..Our resistance can get low, do not put the poison with in reach.


  3. Such an entertaining post! I’m right there with ya!


  4. Posted by Catherine on March 23, 2011 at 9:06 am

    ‘Call to action – first steps – kick in the nuts – heroic comeback’. Possible the best (and pithy-est) summary of storytelling ever.

    Welcome back from the Underworld. Look out for a helpful crone or a withered messenger. Don’t stray from the woodland path. And if you find a lamp, rub it.


    • I wish I could take credit, but I’m just stealing the ideas that Joseph Campbell outlined in his book, Hero of a Thousand Faces. It totally works. George Lucas explicitly states that he was inspired by the idea of the Hero’s Journey as outlined by Campbell. Though we’ll just ignore the rest of Lucas’s works, shan’t we? 😉

      Totally rubbing that lamp when I find it.


  5. Posted by Jeanette on March 23, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Thanks Charlotte – I needed a kick in the pants! Hope that today went well for you…………Must go clear out my cupboards and that yummy mint chocolate in my fridge….boo hoo.


    • Do it, you won’t regret it! It’ll totally fuel your resolve too! I just looked at all the junkfood in the cupboard with a look of disgust, and kinda lopped it forcefully into the bin bag.

      And y’know what? It felt GOOD! 🙂


  6. Oh My………….I hope Catherine was not talking about me when she said “Watchout for the helpful crone or withered messanger”, They both are quite descriptive of me….lol
    But I will continue to prod you with my comments or with my blog if you are reading it dear Char….
    Keep the faith (Dukan faith)


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