Day 290 – Cruise, PP

Morning weigh-in: 94.9kg

  • Daily LOSS 0.7kg / 1.54lbs
  • Total lost 17.4kg/38.28lbs

Watercheck – 2.1l – Tea, lemon cordial & water


  • Flaxseed bread with extra light philly and vegemite
  • Mug of tea


  • 400g grilled chicken thigh fillets with the fat trimmed off

Afternoon snack

  • 150g strawberry Onken fat free yoghurt
  • 1 mini babybel light

Pre-dinner oopsie

  • A few spoonfuls of peanut butter (why didn’t I get rid of that in the last Carb Cupboard Cull?)
  • 2 slices of Port Salut cheese


  • Low fat lamb steaks and 3 venison sausages with red wine sauce
  • chocolate shapers pudding


  • 10 mins cycle to work
  • 60 mins cycle around the “long way home”

Another marvellous day – gorgeous blue skies and mild weather.  I even managed to leave the flat today without my coat on, hooray!

I went on a fabulously long bike ride this evening after work – there’s this gorgeous bike path which basically does a ring around Edinburgh, with only maybe 25% on-road cycling.  The midges weren’t too ferocious yet, and it was a mostly uphill ride, which got my heart rate up.  I arrived home about a minute before sunset – and from next Sunday, I’ll be able to leave work and have a full TWO hours to cycle before the sun goes down.

Love it love it love it!

Unfortunately I arrived home STARVING hungry, and ended up scoffing a couple of generous spoonfuls of peanut butter and some slices of Port Salut.  BOO!

I’ll need to make sure I have some easy-access Dukan snackfood on arriving home, but I’m so BORED of ham & yoghurt.  Any suggestions, peeps?

One response to this post.

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the peanut butter (unless it’s laden with sugar) – it’s one of those things that a lot of other ‘low carb plans’ allow – and I SO wish Dukan did. I know it’s high in fat, but it’s healthy fats if natural pb. I was going to call my blog ‘Don’t Offer me chocolate, and hide the Peanut Butter’ – as those are my main cravings.

    I find that I really crave peanut butter after a workout, and wonder if it’s the salt in it, and the loss of electrolytes through all the sweatin’!


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