Day 291 – Cruise PP

Morning weigh-in: 95.1kg – grr…

  • Daily GAIN 0.2kg / 0.44lbs
  • Total lost 17.2kg/37.84lbs

Watercheck – 3.4l – tea, low cal lemon squash, diet coke and G&T.  I had to run to the loo a LOT today.


  • Flaxseed bread with extra light philly and vegemite
  • Mug of tea

Morning snack

  • 1 mini babybel light


  • 400g grilled chicken thigh fillets with the fat trimmed off


  • 3/4 of a Nandos chicken, with the skin off.
  • 3 gin and slimline tonics (hey, it’s Friday, shaddup… 😉 )


  • 10 min cycle to work
  • 30 min walk from work to the cinema with a friend

Meh, .2kg gain.  Not ideal for the last day of a mini attack, but I’ve felt a bit plugged up on the insides since yesterday.  That plug is… ahem… now unplugged, if you know what I mean.

Went to see Chalet Girl this evening, which was exactly what I was expecting – a piece of very fluffy girliness, with some unrealistic storylines, but incredible snowboarding footage.  It was totally fun too.  Go see it if you want some fluff, but go into it with relatively low expectations.  It’s not gonna win any Oscars. 😉

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  1. Just catching up with you! Jeez, it looks like you have been having a right old time with yourself. Internal struggles are the key, we hope the true Charlotte wins through!

    We could have had that problem – heaven only knows why we escaped it — We don’t judge people on their weight or size, and we know for a fact that overweight people live longer and are healthier (less of a drain/ strain on the NHS). We didn’t even think our weight gain was such a terrible thing; we like food and drink, and it cost a fortune to accumulate the weight we had.
    On top of that we don’t like exercise or gyms, and are pretty lazy in that respect.
    Add in the fact that we don’t buy into stereotypical ideas about body image, and you must wonder why (and how) we managed to shift 30 kilos between us.

    The answer was that we wanted more fun — the ability to play with the kids, to not have their pals slag us off, to show our children how to eat well and live well (by example) — we worried that we would make fat kids — We didn’t want them to become diet or exercise obsessed either, so the Dukan seemed to tick all out boxes.

    Having a clear motivation helps, we suspect. We checked in our brains and doubts and followed the regime as closely as possible — not a tolerated food passed our lips until consolidation, no exercise other than parking further away and walking a bit more. Avoid cooking programmes, avoid M&S telly ads, no food porn recipes in magazines, no Nigella, no Jamie, no Gordon, not even a Heston. Shop on line, steer clear of the “bad” aisles. Ignore colleagues and people who are total experts on politics, football, and diets (yeah, right).

    And do it with a diet buddy.
    Glad you are back on cruise and getting the vibe again.


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